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What goes into a strong high school Language Arts plan?

Why You Need Psychology on Your Homeschool Transcript…from a counselor and veteran homeschool mom who has contagious enthusiasm about this topic!

Ebooks? Why? What makes them so swell?

There’s no guarantee that all homeschoolers automatically like to read. 7Sisters’ Kym shares encouraging ideas about reluctant readers.

What, my kid…AVERAGE? Oh, no! What shall we do!?!

Are you SURE you understand plagiarism?  Do you understand how easy it is to “accidentally plagiarize?” This homeschool vlog shares ways to avoid plagiarism, and how to teach your students to avoid it in simple, effective and practical ways.

All you need to know to feel confident about your homeschooler’s high school transcript!

This homeschool vlog gives 4 reasons why having literature study guides for your homeschool reading adventures makes a lot of sense.

It’s so important to understand why NO student should graduate high school without these courses taught from a Christian worldview. Vicki Tillman, MA, author of high school textbooks for Psychology and Human Development answers questions from Sabrina Justison.

Writing a progressive story is a great way to enhance your language arts curriculum….plus, it’s loads of fun!

Writing good essays is important not just for taking the SAT, but for LIFE! Find out why.

In this homeschool vlog, you can find help for teaching Literature to tweens and teens. Learn how to stop worrying about the right answers and have a conversation for REAL learning!

Reading and writing poetry shouldn’t intimidate you, homeschool mom. You just need a “sister” to hold your hand.

Vicki Tillman, MA, homeschool mom and licensed, practicing counselor shares the stuff your kid MUST know to make the transition from high school to college….time management, friends, activities and confidence!

Sabrina Justison explains the benefits of using online literature summaries (or even watching the movie version of a book) as a SUPPLEMENT to the literature learning experience, without sacrificing the integrity of your homeschool.

So many books….so little time! How do you pick books for your homeschooler’s lit course for the year?  This homeschool vlog can help!

5 vital elements for making the transition from homeschool to college successful academically.

Here’s a little bit of Vicki Tillman teaching from C.S. Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet for our local homeschool coop class that got snowed out.

This homeschool vlog shares Vicki’s thoughts on Hermeneutics for her Critical Thinking class in our local homeschool coop.

Sabrina filmed a 5 part homeschool vlog series on the Writing Process, especially geared to reluctant writers or kids suffering from “Blank Page Paralysis.”






Looking to build character in your kids? Looking for curriculum to do that? Here’s a different way to come at the problem.

Here’s a novel take on Romans 8, especially with homeschool moms in mind:

Don’t waste time; maximize your efforts in high school and double log credit hours as you sculpt your transcript!

Writing an Oral History paper is a great way to get moving toward a more structured research paper in the future. It can bridge the gap between “writing a report” and writing a true research paper.

Ballroom Dancing? Really? WHY???

Have trouble teaching your elementary math student place value? Have you tried using plastic baggies?

Linear equations and cookies actually have something in common. Seriously.

Scheduling Backwards has revolutionized Sabrina’s time management. After you watch her homeschool vlog that explains why, download the FREE white paper that helps you get started!

Does managing a homeschool household ever feel like you’re trying to juggle Jell-o? Sabrina feels your pain!

We need to be good stewards of our time and resources, but we also need to stay flexible as homeschooling moms.

None of us has arrived. We are ALL works in progress. Here’s some encouragement to keep that truth front and center:

Undirected socialization…you know, those events where you’re just supposed to “fellowship” with people…can be stressful for some of us.

For utter silliness, here’s Rindercella and the Pransome Hince, parts 1 & 2