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Sabrina Justison- the Bling for 7Sisters

Sabrina is the “bling” for the 7 Sisters. Everyone can see her flair for the dramatic, passion for music, fashion sense, and love of shoes, but get to know the Sabrina beyond the public persona, and you will find that she has a deep love for the Lord, the ability to get to the heart of an organization, and the perseverance to keep on pluggin’ until a task is finished.
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Marilyn Groop

Marilyn Groop- the Mastermind at 7SistersHomeschool

Marilyn is known as The Mastermind ‘round these parts; she has a remarkable way of taking a seemingly unreachable idea and turning it into a reality we all can share. Homeschooling her six children since 1990, she has dealt with a variety of learning styles and learning abilities – from gifted to learning disabled. Three of her six children are adopted and some had emotional issues that interfered with learning.
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