Why Community for Homeschool Families?

Why community for homeschool families?

Why Community for Homeschool Families

Why Community for Homeschool Families?

Here’s a post from 7Sister, Marilyn, sharing some homeschool wisdom!

Why community?

It is amazing that in this age of instant communication – texting, social media – many people feel isolated. We homeschool moms need the encouragement and accountability of being in community with others who share our goals and struggles.

What is a community?

According to Webster, one of the definitions of community is “a group of people living together and having interests, work, etc. in common”.  I’m not sure how old this particular dictionary is because my dad bought it for me when I was in second grade and the cover and title page have long since been separated from the actual dictionary, but in our modern age we have the ability to form digital community without living together, or even near each other.

We are part of an IRL homeschool community (in fact that’s how we all met and became sisters in the Lord – except for Sabrina and Allison, who really are biological sisters) and it has impacted us in so many ways.

One of our community experiences is homeschool co-op. We moms loved co-op as much as our homeschoolers did. They learned together but so did we- and we prayed together through good times and bad. Our co-op community was necessary support for all of us! (Search on this site: *co-op* for lots of posts on how to use our curriculum in a co-op setting.)

Another of our IRL homeschool communities has been our umbrella school. We’re blessed to part of a large group of homeschooling teens and tweens that love learning together. There are enough resources that our homeschool high schoolers can take any course that they would enjoy more in a group setting. (Financial Literacy, Psychology, Human Development, Writing, Literature, Early Childhood Education, and Career Exploration are a few examples. The teens there vetted the 7Sisters e-curriculum.) The classes have been community for our kids but also a setting with lots of homeschool parents that provides opportunities for prayer and encouragement and advising support for us moms.

Other Homeschool Community

The other homeschool community we’ve been involved with has been a large local support group. This huge group of parents has “Moms’ Meetings” with how-to’s and encouragement, activities like Rhetoric League, and a wonderful Yahoo group with endless conversation and questions.

That’s IRL, but just as important to us is our digital community. We have been so blessed with the digital homeschool friends. We get as much encouragement, advice and support as we give- that’s certain! 7Sisters love our digital community so much that we included it in our 7Sisters mission statement: form an internet based community that offers resources such as curriculum and coaching. We want to pass the blessings we’ve enjoyed to homeschooling families everywhere.

There are 6 of us 7Sisters: Marilyn, Vicki, Sabrina, Kym, Allison, and Sara.

Who’s the 7th Sister in our community?

You’re the 7th Sister. You’re part of our community!

Join our community here, on Facebook, on Pinterest, on Twitter and on The Homeschool Highschool Podcast.

And while you’re here download some freebies to encourage you like:

How to start a homeschool co-op

How to start a homeschool support group

And some terrific high school freebies like our marvelous Apologetics series (These are YouTube videos- so there’s NO prep and you don’t need to understand Apologetics in order for your teen to learn it. They were created by the Classics professor emeritus from the University of Delaware- and Sabrina and Allison’s father.) Download them today!

Speaking of Sabrina and Allison’s father, read about the ways he and his wife contributed to their grandchildren’s homeschool experience – community comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages!

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Why Community for Homeschool Families?

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