Complete List of 7Sisters Elementary Literature Activity Guides

By request: Complete list of 7Sisters Elementary Literature Activity Guides.

Complete List of 7Sisters Elementary Literature Activity Guides

Complete List of 7Sisters Elementary Literature Activity Guides

One of things we 7Sisters have treasured most about homeschooling our kids is being able to nurture a love of learning. We have found that when our kids learn while they are young that education is fun, the process is easier all the way through graduation!

We have especially loved hands-on learning. Young learners (well, learners of any age) remember best when they are engaging in their lessons.

While much of our curriculum is geared to homeschool high school, we have not forgotten the younger learners! Did you know we have some special activities for elementary-aged homeschoolers? That’s right! We do!

Our inspiring series of Elementary Literature Activity Guides

We 7Sisters have valued hands-on learning for our kids. We also valued immersing our children in literature in a fun way. If they had fun with reading experiences, they learn more efficiently and could grow up expecting that reading will be useful and fun for them!

That’s where our Literature Activity Guides come in: Hands-on, fun literature learning! (BTW- What are our goals for our elementary-aged homeschoolers?)

  • Experience a faith-filled lifestyle
  • Establish wonder and curiosity
  • Develop creativity and imagination
  • Have hands-on learning experiences
  • Develop a growth mindset/perseverance
  • Learn elementary-level academics
  • Learn social skills

The Literature Activity Guides hit each of those goals at some point and the hands-on learning, wonder and curiosity, creativity and imagination, and elementary-level academics in each guide.

What are 7Sisters’ Literature Activity Guides?

These Literature Activity Guides are delightful, hands-on learning experiences based on books that kids love! As with every 7Sisters guide (high school level, middle school level or elementary school level), we do not want to kill the book by overdoing the teaching or making the experience “too serious”.

Hands-on, fun learning actually makes learning more efficient!

We do not recommend overdoing guides by looking for activities to go with every book they read, but a few guides each year will help your elementary-aged reader:

  • learn life concepts
  • build on their knowledge and already-learned skills
  • broaden their phonics and other learning skills 
  • have fun learning by doing
  • read fiction and non-fiction

They have these wonderful learning experiences in each 7Sisters Literature Activity Guide with:

  • Story Elements Fill-ins
    • Young homeschoolers learn about the common elements of a book such as:
    • Basic plot lines by discussing the beginning, middle, and end of the book

      Literature Activity Guide for Corduroy
      Click image for full description.
    • Practicing retelling skills which eventually enable them to effectively:
      • summarize the story
      • recognize cause and effect
      • follow the plot
  • Phonics, Spelling, and Vocabulary Activities
    • Each Literature Activity Guide includes hands-on games and activities to learn and reinforce phonics, spelling, and vocabulary 
  • Supplemental Activities
    • 7Sisters Literature Activity Guides also provide suggestions for meaningful supplemental activities that teach your homeschoolers to extend their learning. For instance:

7Sisters Literature Activity Guides can be used as stand alone reading and literature activities or they can be used in:

Here is a list of 7Sisters’ Literature Activity Guides:

The price is comfortable, too: $4.99/guide. A lot of learning for a little price.

If you like 7Sisters approach to learning, you will probably like our favorites among the curriculum provided our friends. (We are not affiliates, we simply like to share curriculum that we like and fits our philosophy of homeschooling.)


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Complete List of 7Sisters Elementary Literature Activity Guides

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