5 Reasons for Choosing Early Childhood Education as High School Elective

Here are 5 reasons for choosing Early Childhood Education as high school elective.

5 Reasons for Choosing Early Childhood Education as High School Elective

Early Childhood Education as High School Elective

Early Childhood Education is a fun and truly useful high school elective!

Early Childhood education
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Here are 5 reasons why it is a great idea to choose Early Childhood Education as high school elective.

  • Early Childhood Education is a great life preparation course.

    • Most homeschoolers will grow up, marry, and have children someday.
    • Early Childhood Education is a life skills and preparation course because it helps get them ready for their own children’s important preschool years.
      • It covers growth and development of preschoolers and ways to give them delightful learning adventures.
  • Early Childhood Education is fun.

    • While the text is rich with developmental and educational information, it is anchored in hands-on learning.
    • Teens who have taken the course with me in our local homeschool umbrella school and co-op classes say that these assignments are a blast!
  • Early Childhood Education is sparkly several Career Exploration credits.

    • Many states require Career Exploration credit.
      • Often some of these credits are simply taking additional courses in an interest field.
      • Early Childhood Education can count as a Career Exploration course. For instance, homeschool high schoolers who are planning on
    • With Career Exploration in mind, Early Childhood Education becomes a powerful course. Besides coming to understand preschoolers’ physical, emotional, and social development, teens learn several education theories in delightful hands-on ways.
    • Here is a post about Early Childhood Education from our 7th Sister, Cynthia Dunn. In it, she shares four ways her daughter added enrichment experiences to the course as she explored the possibility of a career in Early Childhood Education.
      • BTW- There are six of us 7 Sisters (Vicki, Sabrina, Kym, Marilyn, Allison and Sara), so who is the 7th Sister? YOU are!)
  • Early Childhood Education is a perfect way to “level up” Human Development course to impressive-on-the-transcript Honors level.

    • While 7Sisters’ Human Development text includes lots of fun activities there is more to its usefulness. That is because it is a course that will help a teen level-up to Honors, if they would like to do that.
      • However, you can switch half of those Honors activities out. Then add instead Early Childhood Education for a combined Human Development and Early Childhood Education Honors credit.

Download Early Childhood Education today for your homeschool high schooler!


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Early Childhood Education as High School Elective

Vicki Tillman

Blogger, curriculum developer at 7SistersHomeschool.com, counselor, life and career coach, SYMBIS guide, speaker, prayer person. 20+year veteran homeschool mom.

6 Replies to “5 Reasons for Choosing Early Childhood Education as High School Elective”

  1. Good morning:)
    I love your philosophy! My husband and I homeschooled our now adult boys and loved every minute…(almost! Lol)
    I now own a preschool and am looking for a godly 2-year-old teacher. My center is located in Wesley Chapel, FL (Tampa area) and we have a beautiful team of loving, caring, creative teachers.
    My # is 813.748.1715 if you know of anyone who may fit and want to join our family of educators.

  2. I was looking up about what we learn in a early child/ed class because I am taking it this semester. My mother took this class when she was in school and she told me that they had to carry a little baby doll everywhere they went, they had to change the diaper and feed it, she also told me that she had to wear a baby belly all day and it was full of weights. Thank you for the helpful information.

    • Thanks for that memory, Destiny. As you can see, it made a big impact on your mother. Do you think you might try the same thing? (That might also be a good activity for Human Development.) Let us know what fun things you do this year, if you can.

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