Ebook Homeschool Curriculum: Why it Works So Well

Ebook homeschool curriculum is sometimes a better choice than a traditional textbook. Here’s why!

ebook homeschool curriculum

Ebook Homeschool Curriculum

1. Ebooks are less expensive.

With no printing, warehousing or shipping costs, your homeschool dollar gets you more.


2. Ebooks are portable.

For most of us, homeschooling is often car-schooling. Your student’s books can always be with you.


3. Ebook formatting is adaptable.

Need a bigger font? A click of the button adjusts it for you.


4. Ebook homeschool curriculum is digital, and our kids have grown up in a digital world.

Often students with ADHD find it easier to focus on a book in a digital medium. They are fans of screens.


5. Ebooks are green.

If the beauty of the written word can be passed along without killing trees, why not?


6. Ebooks often have more pictures.

Printing costs often limit the number of pictures in a traditional paper book —  not an issue for ebooks.


7. Ebook technology is always changing and improving.

Text to speech options exist on most readers. Writable curriculum is becoming easy to produce and even .pdf can be writable. Like anything else tech, the options for improvement are endless!


8. Ebooks stay current with the click of an “update” button.

Instead of having to produce an expensive, new printed version of a textbook, ebook publishers create an updated version digitally and make it available for download.


9. Ebook homeschool curriculum offers highlight and note options.

Most ereaders make it simple to mark up your ebook as you study without destroying the book for a younger child who may use it later.


10. Ebooks are available from 7Sisters.

The practical, adaptable, no-busywork ebook homeschool curriculum you need is read for immediate download in our ebookstore!
Here’s a new video about ebooks and “car-schooling”! Enjoy!



Ebook Homeschool Curriculum


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