Our Educational Philosophy: What Makes 7Sisters Curriculum Unique?

Our Educational Philosophy: What Makes 7Sisters Curriculum Unique?

Our Educational Philosophy: What Makes 7Sisters Curriculum Unique?

Our Educational Philosophy: What Makes 7Sisters Curriculum Unique?

7Sisters Homeschool provides your homeschoolers with curriculum that is designed for successful and interesting learning! What makes 7Sisters curriculum unique? Why do we (and lots of teens) think 7Sisters curriculum is da bomb?

Career Exploration Bundle 7SistersHomeschool.com

Here’s our philosophy:

* Curriculum should not be boring. Our texts and study guides have been designed for students who prefer reading textbooks that aren’t dry as toast. 7Sisters texts are field tested by actual homeschoolers who have strong opinions.

* Curriculum should be adaptable. Some homeschool high schoolers need rigorous Honors credit on their transcripts. Some high schoolers need solid College Prep levels for their courses. Others only need an Average level course. 7Sisters texts include instructions for fun and meaningful ways to “level up”. This makes the educational experience memorable, and sometimes, life changing!

financial literacy

* Curriculum contain NO busywork. Instead, it should inspire students to LOVE the course. 7Sisters texts and literature study guides don’t kill the topic. You’ve probably seen study guides and texts that turn a teen off because they overwhelm them with busywork or unnecessary information. Rather than kill the subject, we include meaningful activities that homeschool high schoolers can choose to extend their learning in a useful way.

* Curriculum should prepare students for life. Whether college or career bound, we believe texts should have a life-preparation view. Thus our texts and study guides cover subjects that colleges ask for, that are useful for critical thinking, that help develop teens’ character, or are generally great for life preparation.

Texts include:

introduction to psychology

* Curriculum should be affordable. Our texts and study guides are all e-curriculum, which means they are downloadable. This saves printing and shipping costs and keeps the price down. The books and study guides are in PDF format so can be stored on your desktop and shared between siblings (please don’t share outside the family). We also have a lovely discount for co-op and group class ordering.

For group purchase of Literature Study Guides or for group ordering for our other texts, send us an email and we’ll get you set up.

Anne of Green Gables

* Our curriculum is written from a Christian worldview. While NEVER preachy or forced, a Christian worldview is integrated into all of our curriculum. Sometimes a theological concept or Scriptural idea is specifically mentioned but usually the worldview is implicit but clear.

* Our curriculum is guaranteed with a 10-day no questions asked, money back guarantee.

* Our curriculum helps your students succeed. Homeschool high schoolers have been using 7Sisters curriculum for almost 2 decades to build college-attractive transcripts.

Download our FREEBIE Anne of Green Gables Literature Study Guide or FREEBIE  Guide for Reluctant Research Paper Writers to get a taste of 7SistersHomeschool.com unique curriculum. Your teens will have a great educational experience!

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Our Educational Philosophy: What Makes 7Sisters Curriculum Unique?

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