Elementary Homeschool Co-op: How to Use Literature Activity Guides

For Elementary Homeschool Co-op: How to use Literature Activity Guides.

Elementary Homeschool Co-ops: How to Use Literature Activity Guides for Young Readers in Homeschool Co-op

Elementary Homeschool Co-op: How to Use Literature Activity Guides

Got young elementary students in your homeschool co-op? 7Sisters’ Elementary Literature Activity Guides are fun for homeschoolers learning together! The guides’ author, Wayne Thorp, shares suggestions on ways to use the guides in homeschool co-op!

Literature Activity Guide for Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Small Homeschool Co-ops:

7Sisters’ Literature Activity Guides work well with a small group (3 – 6 students). Here are some activities my students have enjoyed in small groups:

  • Quizzing each other on the spelling words
  • Working together discovering the meaning of each vocabulary word
  • Each taking a line (or two) from the Roll’em activity
  • Comparing answers with any of the skills activities
  • On the Research activities each student chooses a different idea, works on it and prepares a presentation for the rest of the group
  • OR making a group effort on one/two topics with a multi-faceted presentation. [NOTE: Presentations, whether singularly or in groups, improves a student’s oral language skills and boosts self-confidence!]

Larger, Mixed-skills/Abilities Co-ops:

With larger groups there is often a mixed skill or ability set: some students are more capable than others in some areas, other students are simply more advanced or older than the rest of the group. Again, 7Sisters’ Literature Activity Guides can be adapted in this situation. Here are some activities my students have enjoyed in larger groups: 

Elementary Literature Activity Guide for Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel

  • Older/advanced students acting as surrogate teachers and helping the younger/beginning students with such things as:
    • reading the book to the others
    • helping with spelling words and vocabulary definitions
  • Older/advanced students can also be guides in the Research segment of the work
  • If there are enough, the older/advanced students could do their own research project
    • either individually or in their own small group

Co-ops are so much fun for elementary aged homeschoolers. Check out 7Sisters e-store to find some favorite titles to share with your elementary students!


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Elementary Homeschool Co-op: How to Use Literature Activity Guides

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