Elementary Literature Activity Guides Enrich Kids’ Early Reading

Here’s how Elementary Literature Activity Guides enrich kids’ early reading experiences.

Elementary Literature Activity Guides Enrich Kids' Early Reading

Elementary Literature Activity Guides Enrich kids’ Early Reading

Homeschool parents don’t need to be convinced that reading is crucial to a young child. We know that we can help our kids mature with:

  • Exposure to books
  • Being read to
  • Reading independently

Interaction with books positively impact children’s development, learning, understanding, and enjoyment today while establishing a foundation for success in many areas of their lives tomorrow. 

That’s why we homeschooling parents provide a wide variety of reading opportunities for our kids, exposing them to the wonderful world of books from a young age!

7Sisters Literature Activity Guides expand the impact of your child’s reading experience, making use of good books to:

  • teach life concepts
  • reinforce knowledge and already-learned skills
  • broaden phonics and other learning skills 
  • have fun learning by doing

The guides are based on classic and favorite stories, as well as excellent non-fiction children’s literature.

Children love books; children love activity.  Combining the two captures the teachable moment! You can start your educational adventures with our FREE Literature Activity Guide for the popular book You Are Special by Max Lucado.

Activity Guide You Are Special
Click image for full description.

7Sisters Literature Activity Guides have these components:

Story Elements Fill-ins

The Story Elements Fill-ins encourage kids to think about the common elements of a book, preparing them to understand literature as a whole and giving them common ground and vocabulary to discuss and compare.  As children determine the beginning, middle, and end of a book they are learning and practicing retelling skills which eventually enable them to effectively summarize, recognize cause and effect, and follow plot.  (Children who never practice these skills struggle with later academic tasks like book reports and even research reading/writing.)

Your kids will love the story element fill-ins with the Literature Activity Guide for Amazing Grace.

Elementary Literature Activity Guide for Amazing Grace
Click image for full description.

Phonics, Spelling, and Vocabulary Activities

Phonics, spelling, and vocabulary activities teach and reinforce skills while relating them to a fun story.  As your kid practices these crucial elements of literacy, he recalls the story, and the enjoyment associated with it spills over into the learning.

Enjoy the learning activities in any of the 20+ guides, especially our popular Literature Activity Guide for Curious George!

Literature Activity Guide for Curious George
Click image for full description.


Supplemental Activities

7Sisters Literature Activity Guides also provide suggestions for rich supplemental activities which build on the interest the book sparked in your child.  Encourage your kid to explore the trail of nutrition after reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Literature Activity Guide for Very Hungry Caterpillar
Click image for full description.

or write a description of a favorite stuffed animal after reading Corduroy. 

Literature Activity Guide for Corduroy
Click image for full description.

Joey Monster series. 7Sisters own series with characters that kids absolutely love. These sweet stories reinforce reading, thinking and character-building skills.

Meet Joey Monster Book and Activity Guide
Click image for full description.

For a complete list of 7Sisters Literature Activity Guides, check this post! And this post will help you choose the best guide for each homeschooler and phase of growth.

As with all 7Sisters curriculum, the activity guides are meant to be adaptable to fit your needs and desires.  Use the suggestions that interest your child and work for you, and leave those that don’t.  After all, you are the teacher; these guides help you teach!

Read about using these books to build multi-generational bonds.


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Elementary Literature Activity Guides Enrich kids’ Early Reading

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