Excerpt from Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood education

Excerpt from Early Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Education Table of Contents

Excerpt from Early Childhood Education Excerpt from Early Childhood Education Excerpt from Early Childhood Education

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Excerpt from Early Childhood Education

Allison Thorp

6 Replies to “Excerpt from Early Childhood Education”

  1. Is it possible to see a Table of Content to see what the breakdown of each chapter is? I am interested in having my 9th grader use this as an elective. Thank you!

  2. Hello! We are interested in the Early Childhood Development Course. I am wanting to know if this is a full year course or one semester? How many chapters are there and how many pages per chapter? Also, are there quizzes? One more…are hard copies of the books available or is it all online?

    Thanks so much!

    ~ Jessica

    • Hi Jessica,
      Thanks for your question! Early Childhood Development course is .5 credit. It has 15 chapters with based on practical hands-on learning and assignments (light on the reading, so every chapter is around 5 pages), to be completed one chapter per week. The assessments are project based and there is an answer key to help parents grade. It is a downloadable e-text.


  3. Either is ok, Joanne. I’d go with your teen’s interest and needs for the year. Early Childhood Ed has a little Human Development in it as is necessary to understand preschoolers. Human Development text, of course, has the full womb-to-old-age life span. A number of families do the courses together in the same year.

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