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Here is an excerpt from 7Sisters Poetry Analysis guide.

Poetry Analysis from 7SistersHomeschool.com
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Please note curriculum excerpts are intentionally sloppy copies to discourage copyright violations.  Purchased curriculum displays crystal clear.

Poetry Analysis is a five-week guide which covers:

  • Analyzing poetry forms
  • Skills for analyzing poetry vocabulary, imagery and tropes
  • Analyzing poetry rhythm and rhyme patterns
  • Discerning poetry meanings through voice, tone, themes and impressions
  • Then wrapping the unit up by writing an analytical essay (the text includes a sample essay for teens)

It introduces teens to these skills in the typical 7Sisters no-busywork, don’t-kill-the-subject format.

Who are the teens who will benefit from studying Poetry Analysis?

Teens who are college bound

College-bound homeschool homeschoolers will often find some poetry analysis in their freshman English courses. Therefore, it is a smart idea to have an introduction to this skill so that they are already familiar with the topic when they get to college.

Teens who are love to read poetry

Some high schoolers love to read poetry! These teens will benefit from a five-week, don’t-kill-the-subject experience with analysis because it will deepen their understanding and awareness of the poems that they read.

Teens who love to write poetry

Some teens love to create their own poetry!

Some teens love to create their own poetry! While there’s not ONE right way to write poetry, it is good to have experience with the basics of poetry creation and analysis. As jazz musicians say:

You have to know the rules before you break them.

Thus high schoolers who learn the “rules” of poetry can improvise with more beauty and skill. Learning poetry analysis is a way that students gain expertise in those rules.

Download a copy of Poetry Analysis and bless your teens with some good poetry skills.


Poetry Analysis Sample Essay – pages 09

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