Excerpt for History and Philosophy of the Western World

Excerpt for History and Philosophy of the Western World

Excerpt for History and Philosophy of the Western World

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title pageExcerpt for History and Philosophy of the Western Worldtable of contentstable of contentsExcerpt for History and Philosophy of the Western WorldExcerpt for History and Philosophy of the Western WorldExcerpt for History and Philosophy of the Western World

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Excerpt for History and Philosophy of the Western World

Allison Thorp

19 Replies to “Excerpt for History and Philosophy of the Western World”

  1. Hi, do you offer a hard copy of the book and tests? We would prefer to be offline as much as possible. Do you think this could be completed in one semester? Thank you.

    • Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for the questions. These are digital but there is permission for purchasers to print it out for family. The text is a full-credit course. However, every teen is different and has different goals. A motivated teen could complete it in one semester if their schedule was not too heavy.

  2. Is this course written for a student who has prior knowledge of the bible or could someone without a Christian background complete it successfully?

    • Good question, Sandi. It isn’t a Bible curriculum at all. It does cover some church history as it intersected with philosophers of the time. It is useful for students to have a broad experience with history and the little church history included can help put some philosophies in context.

  3. I’m trying to gauge how much written work is involved in this course. How many chapters are typically covered in a week? In this excerpt, are the chapter one questions a typical assignment for one day, several days, or one week?

  4. How much “current” Western History is included?
    What year does it end? My daughter wants WW2 thru Gulf Wars info. She felt that our History curriculum was too much Ancient History-now she tells me! 🙂
    In short, she wants it all.
    Her Marine husband is an Arabic Linguist and she speaks Hebrew.
    Someday, when we can all travel again, they want to serve in Israel.
    She wants to round out her education before she moves there.

    • Pam, that’s an excellent question. Since the framework is philosophy, we don’t have much on the Gulf Wars. I admire that she wants to be more up to date as she prepares to serve in Israel. Let me know what she finds so that I can share it with others (or if she has difficulty finding it, we can ask around in our 7SistersHomeschool Facebook group).

  5. Is there any overlap with this “World History and Philosophy” and the “Philosophy in 4 Questions”? Or would taking both work?

    • Great question, Alisha! There isn’t really overlap since both texts are looking a philosophy from different angles. History/Philosophy is a World History text taught through the lens of the development of philosophic ideas and people (it’s chronological). Philosophy in 4 Questions is a text that only discusses philosophy and does so through the 4 foundational questions on which all philosophy is based.

      So really, a homeschool high schooler will run into some of the same philosophers in both texts but their ideas will be developed more deeply in the 4 Questions text. Does that answer your question, Alisha?

  6. Do you think it would be too much to combine this text with Mapping the World with Art by Ellen McHenry to get some world Geography in, too. I’m wanting to find a World History curriculum to use with my 8th grader that will count as high school credit, but we want to study Geography alongside it.

    • Greetings, Andrea,

      That is an intriguing idea! This might be a good idea for an advanced 8th grader. However, our History and Philosophy of the Western World is a course that requires some critical thinking and writing, so make sure your child is ready for that. The Mapping text looks interesting but it appears there will be a fair amount of work, too. With both courses together, it would be a lot, unless your 8th grader is really into it. If not, you can certainly put it off for a year or two. It would be inspiring at the right time.

    • Hi Andrea,
      Good question! Every 8th grader is different. If your homeschooler is advanced in his/her thinking skills and likes ideas and history, it would be a good choice.
      However, many 8th graders aren’t ready for that yet. Have your homeschooler read over the excerpts and see if it catches his/her interest and feels comfortable. If it does, it will be a lot of fun to do the 2 courses combined.

  7. So this counts as a World History course AND a Philosphy course? If so, could I reflect 2 separate credits on his transcripts? Or just one or the other? Thanks!

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