Excerpt from A Midsummer Nights Dream Study Guide

This is an excerpt from A Midsummer Nights Dream Study Guide from 7SistersHomeschool. Please note curriculum excerpts are intentionally sloppy copies to discourage copyright violations.  Purchased curriculum displays crystal clear.

Written to accompany William Shakespeare’s beloved comedy filled with love and magic, this literature study guide helps you get the most out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Literature study guides from 7Sisters Homeschool inspire students rather than tire them with busywork that kills the story.

Instead of attempting to start with analysis and the deciphering of Elizabethan English, these Shakespeare guides introduce teens to the Bard and his amazing ability to tell stories, to create characters to whom we can relate, and to present life situations to which we can connect emotionally and intellectually.

(For more on author Sabrina Justison’s philosophy of teaching Shakespeare to teens, scroll down.)

Our guides are easy to adapt for use at an:

  • Average High School
  • College Prep
  • Honors Level

A Midsummer Night’s Dream SHAKESPEARE Study Guide

focuses on the following literary devices:

  • COMEDY according to Aristotle’s definition, as obeyed by William Shakespeare
  • Theme: love makes fools of us all
  • Allusion: when one story brings up another one that people are likely to recognize

Students are guided through a 3-step process to help them encounter the play in a positive way, with follow-up VOCABULARY work and essay writing or personal response paper assignments to help them articulate their thoughts about the characters, the plot, the ideas, and the whole Shakespeare experience.

  1. Read the SUPER-FAST SUMMARY that sets them up to track with the story.
  2. Watch a production of the play. (There’s a video of a quality production recommended in the guide.) Refer to the summary as needed in order to keep up with what’s happening.
    Don’t worry about catching every single detail. Let the STORY play out in front of your eyes. Let the CHARACTERS introduce themselves to you.
    Which of them do you like? Dislike?
    Which of them reminds you a little bit of someone you know? Of yourself?
    No need to take notes; just enjoy the story and think in general terms about ways in which you connect with it.
  3. After the performance is ended, READ THE PLAY and answer the no-busywork, brain-engaging questions that follow in the guide, designated by Act and Scene.

Each guide concludes with vocabulary work, writing prompts, enrichment ideas and recommended passages for memorization.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream SHAKESPEARE Study Guide

is an EBook curriculum complete with:

  • background information
  • vocabulary
  • questions by Act and Scene
  • suggested writing assignments
  • enrichment activities
  • recommended passages for memorization
  • answer key

This product downloads as two separate PDF files. One file is intended for student use. This document contains fillable fields so students can type their answers directly into the guide. The other document is the answer key, intended for the parent.

Click here to view an excerpt from A Midsummer Night’s Dream SHAKESPEARE Study Guide.

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Are you new to 7Sisters Literature Study Guides? Here are some things that make our guides unique and useful. (This is also true of all of our curriculum.)

Things to know about our curriculum:

We guarantee our curriculum with a 10-day no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Our texts and study guides have been designed for students who prefer reading textbooks that aren’t dry as toast.

Curriculum should be adaptable.

Some homeschool high schoolers need rigorous Honors credit on their transcripts. Some high schoolers need solid College Prep levels for their courses. Others only need an Average level course.

Curriculum contain NO busywork.

Instead, it should inspire students to LOVE the course. 7Sisters texts and literature study guides don’t kill the topic.

Curriculum should prepare students for life.

Whether college or career bound, we believe texts should have a life-preparation view.

Curriculum should be affordable.

Our texts and study guides are all e-curriculum, which means they are downloadable. This saves printing and shipping costs and keeps the price down.

Our curriculum is written from a Christian worldview.

While NEVER preachy or forced, a Christian worldview is integrated into all of our curriculum.

Our curriculum helps your students succeed.

Homeschool high schoolers have been using 7Sisters curriculum for almost 2 decades to build college-attractive transcripts.

When you download a 7Sisters study guide, your homeschool high schoolers have good opportunities to learn in engaging, no-busywork, inspirational ways!

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