11 Replies to “Excerpt from Anne of Green Gables Study Guide”

  1. Is there a certain version of the book that matches up with the questions and chapters that you have noted that is best to use with your study guide?

  2. Montgomery’s characters become real to her readers, bringing them to life. We sympathize with the little orphan girl as we learn what she has endured, while at the same time she demonstrates the strength of the human spirit to overcome. She opens our mind to the beauty around us and the unlimited possibilities.
    Montgomery does not explain who her characters are, but builds character through what they do and say, and how they react to situations.

    Although we become familiar with each character, chapter by chapter, they also continue to surprise us as each of the characters continues to grow and change. Even the strong willed and formidable Marilla, softens and becomes a better person.

    This series is a must read for all children of what ever age. Lucy Montgomery has the power to change all who read her writing.

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