2 Replies to “Excerpt from Introduction to High School Literature & Composition Part A”

  1. Hi Tammy!

    Glad you like Literature and Compositions! We love to be a blessing!

    Here’s a question: Has your homeschool high schooler done Earth Science yet? If not, it is good to start there. Master Books has a Meteorology unit in its Wonders of Creation Series. Also, NASA has some great resources to enrich any curriculum.

    Often Astronomy is offered with Meteorology for high school credit. Check out Luke Gilkerson’s Experience Astronomy.

  2. These guides are fantastic I have been struggling to find something that we could use that would allow us to read Christian books and other lit books as well but I had no idea how to ask the questions or assign an essay. Thank you I will be ordering.
    With all your homeschool expertise would you be able to recommend a high school science option in meteorology? I have looked and cannot find anything.
    Thanks again these are great!

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