Excerpt from Rudy Cinema Study Guide

Rudy Cinema Study Guide

Excerpt from Rudy Cinema Study Guide

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Excerpt from Rudy Cinema Study Guide Excerpt from Rudy Cinema Study Guide Excerpt from Rudy Cinema Study Guide

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Excerpt from Rudy Cinema Study Guide

Allison Thorp

2 Replies to “Excerpt from Rudy Cinema Study Guide”

  1. I just listened to the podcast about using cinema in high school literature for literal thinkers–great information! I see the excerpt of questions for the Rudy study guide here, but in the podcast there was mention of writing about it after the second viewing of the film. Might I see an example or 2 of what that looks like? Thanks!

    • Hi Tammie,
      Sure…here’s a writing prompt from the Rudy guide:
      A character’s motivation is an important thing to understand. If you can intellectually imagine WHY people are doing something, you can connect with them emotionally even if WHAT they are doing is something quite foreign to your experience. Digging below the surface of the “WHAT” (playing football for Notre Dame), let’s explore WHY Rudy was so determined to go after his dream at great personal cost.

      Looking back over your answers to the questions, what are some of the personal reasons WHY Rudy worked so hard for so long for something that technically only rewarded him with 27 seconds of achievement? Using complete sentences, explain Rudy’s strong desire to achieve his dream and include your insights as to WHY he wanted it so badly.

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