Excerpt from American Poetry Guide


American Poetry WritingExcerpt from American Poetry Reading and Writing

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Excerpt from American Poetry Guide

Excerpt from American Poetry Guide

Excerpt from American Poetry Guide

Excerpt from American Poetry Guide

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12 Replies to “Excerpt from American Poetry Guide”

  1. This looks really Fun!!
    I will be a Senior in High school
    (Homeschool) this year, I am really wanting to take a Poetry course for my English, this however would not be for a full credit and probably not even half, I not sure. Anyway can you recommend some other courses which would be really good?

    • This title introduces works by Nash, Bradstreet, Wheatley, Longfellow, Dickinson, Janette…ikz, Cullen, Brooks, Hughes, Whitman, Angelou, and several Native American poems including poetry by Chief Dan George.

  2. What age or grade levels would or could this be used with? Seems like a good introduction for middle school….?

    • Good question, Lynn. It really depends on the amount of experience a young person has with poetry and his/her ability level. Many high schoolers these days have had little experience with poetry, so this is a great introduction. For a middle schooler who is able and interested, it is a great fit. The course is an introductory-style course.

      • How might I add to or supplement this study for our 12 week co-op?
        I am really considering this for middle and Jr. high students. Any suggestions for how much credit a 9th grade student might receive?

        • Hi Lynn,
          I’d love to help you decide how to add or supplement this study guide for a 12 week co-op. I’d need a little more information about your goals for the middle and high schoolers for this class. You can comment here or email me at Vicki@7SistersHomeschool.com

          This would be part of the writing component of the Language Arts credit. Here is an explanation of what needs to be included in Language Arts.

          • Thanks! I will email you too, but one of my goals is for students to actually enjoy some type of writing. I think ? poetry could insprire some creativity. Another goal is for students to have a type of portfolio of writings. Does this sound too challenging for 6th graders?

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