Favorite Curricula for Teens with Special Needs

By reader request, here are some favorite curricula for teens with special needs.

Favorite Curricula for Teens with Special Needs. Suggestions from homeschool parents for curriculum choices. #HomeschoolHighSchool #homeschoolspecialneeds #HomeschoolLearningDisabilies #HomeschoolLearningDifferences

Favorite Curricula for Teens with Special Needs

There’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school because there’s not ONE kind of homeschool high schooler! All teens have different academic strengths and academic weaknesses. When the weaknesses are pronounced enough they can be considered special needs or learning disabilities.

So we asked our homeschool mom-friends at 7Sisters Homeschool Facebook Group to share about their favorite high school homeschool curricula for teens with special needs. (Note: We are not affiliates for any of these publishers, although we are especially fond of our own curriculum.)

Next check out our post on out of the box credits for special needs teens.for more examples.

What makes high school curriculum usable for special needs teens?

Occasionally teens with learning disabilities or other special needs can use the regularly available curriculums and not have any issues.

However, many teens with learning disabilities or other special needs will struggle with traditional curricula. It is difficult to learn well, if all a homeschool high schooler’s energy is going into trying to plug through a too-complex curriculum

Fortunately, there are homeschool curriculum choices for teens with special needs.

Generally, curricula designed for teens with special needs or learning difficulties include:

Further here are some favorite homeschool curricula for teens with special needs that are accessible and/or easily adaptable:

Exciting Resources for 2e Teens (Interview with Sam Young).

These are online courses and mentoring for 2e teens.

Favorite Curricula for Teens with Special Needs: Walch Power Basics


  • Language Arts/English Language Learners
  • Mathematics
  • Money Management
  • Family/Consumer Science
  • Vocational

The publisher reports that these are student-friendly texts with low reading levels. There are also teacher’s guides, student workbooks and test packs included.

You can visit their website here. 

Favorite Curricula for Teens with Special Needs: Remedia Publications

Remedia’s website says that they know that “one size doesn’t fit all”. Therefore, they provide materials for students with special needs or learning differences. Their curriculum is soft cover and some ebook formats.


  • English/Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Vocabulary
  • Mathematics: Basic Maths, Algebra, Geometry, Money
  • Sign Language
  • Science: Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science
  • Social Studies: Government, American History, Geography

Check out Remedia Media here. 

Help teens like high school by giving them adaptable curriculum.

Favorite Curricula for Teens with Special Needs: 7Sisters Homeschool

7Sisters provides adaptable ebook curriculum for homeschool high schoolers of various levels and interests. Because 7Sisters knows that there’s not ONE right way to homeschool, each text or study guide includes instructions on using that curriculum at:

  • Remedial Level
  • Average High School Level
  • College Preparatory Level
  • Advanced Level
  • Honors Level

This downloadable curriculum is popular because it teaches with the philosophy of no-busywork, no needless information and the goal to “not kill the subject”. Although the topics may sound stuffy, they are written in a fun, friendly manner.


  • English/Language Arts: Literature, Writing, Public Speaking
  • Financial Literacy
  • Science: Health
  • Social Science: Psychology, Human Development, Philosophy
  • Social Studies: History and Philosophy of the Western World
  • Electives: Early Childhood Education, Career Exploration, Apologetics
  • Fine Arts: Drama

For example you can try out 7Sisters’ curriculum with some freebies, such as Career Exploration in the Bible, Anne of Green Gables Literature Study Guide for the Whole Family, Research Papers for Reluctant Writers. Choose some and download them to see how you like them.

Favorite Curricula for Teens with Special Needs: Edcon

Edcon provides soft-cover workbooks and read-along CD’s of classic literature and Shakespeare because some students struggle with reading. For example their workbooks contain one-page long reading chapters with captioned illustrations, comprehension and inferential questions. There are 7 levels with 10 workbooks in each level, so they will last struggling readers a long time.

They also have some writing, grammar and vocabulary workbooks.

Check out Edcon here. 

Favorite Curricula for Teens with Special Needs: Homeschool Math Crusade

These are self-paced online video lessons with exercises, quizzes and record keeping. The website states that “create a positive psychology about math” for students who struggle with math. Homeschool Math Crusade uses a tiered approach to teaching math. Therefore the student progresses to possibly complete five tiers during high school.

Check Homeschool Math Crusade here. 

Favorite Curricula for Teens with Special Needs: College Ready Math

Online math support and training for struggling math learners who want to go to college. Check out the interview with founder, David Irving.

There's not ONE right way to homeschool because there's not ONE kind of teen!

Favorite Curricula for Teens with Special Needs: Friendly Chemistry

This is a parent-led full chemistry course with lots of hands-on activities. Therefore parents guide teens through this experiential-learning curriculum that earns students a high school chemistry credit.

Check out Friendly Chemistry here.

Favorite Curricula for Teens with Special Needs: Westfield Studios Science 101 Series

The 101 Science series covers the following high school sciences:

  • Biology 101
  • Chemistry 101
  • Physics 101

These are high-interest, easy-to-use, video-lesson based science courses for average high school student. Altogether, the syllabus includes step-by-step instructions that will help the homeschool high schooler earn a full credit in each course at an average (Level 2).

Meanwhile The 101 series are biblically based and seek to glorify God and inspire a love of science. You can visit their website for more information. 

Favorite Curricula for Teens with Special Needs: Pearson Education Pacemaker Series


  • English/Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Practical English Capitalization and Punctuation Makes Sense

Lively trivia-based sentences especially for students who have had difficulties with other curriculums. Check here to see more examples.

Pacemaker Curriculum

Pacemaker an be found at Wiser Educational.

Basic Mathematics

Overall contains short lessons, short quizzes that covers whole numbers, basic arithmetic operations, and mastery of simple geometry and algebra. Written at third/fourth grade level.

Pacemaker World History

Short lessons, single topic for each lesson, short quizzes, which covers world history at a third/fourth grade reading level. Check 

Pacemaker Biology

Because short lessons, short quizzes covering basics of high school biology can be helpful to not overwhelm a student. Written at a third/fourth grade level. 

In conclusion, here are more resources:

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Favorite Curricula for Teens with Special Needs

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  1. Hello, As I’ve been searching for a special needs science curriculum for my highschool age son, I came across this post. I just wanted to let you know when I click on links to Pearson there is no curriculum there. There is a lot of information about their schools but I can’t find anything about curriculum. I may be missing something but in case I’m not, I wanted to let you know.

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