5 Reasons You Need Fine Arts in Homeschool High School

You need fine art in homeschool high school. Here are 5 reasons why!

5 Reasons You Need Fine Arts in Homeschool High School

Fine Arts in Homeschool High School

Teens need some kind of Fine Arts experiences during their high school years.

  • Non-artsy teens benefit from the exposure to new things and to the various kinds of beauty that the arts provide
  • Artsy high schoolers benefit from exploring interests and developing their talents

Not only that, but the arts are good for teens developmental processes!  Shirley Brice Heath of Stanford University did some interesting research that showed the effect of involvement in various arts. Her findings showed that young people who grew up with exposure to and involvement in the arts were:

  • stronger academically,
  • better communicators, and
  • had a greater sense of self-worth and responsibility to their communities than those who were not involved in the arts.

There are so many kinds of Fine Arts our teens could experience. As homeschoolers, we have a wonderful opportunity to encourage our teens’ involvement in various arts such as:

Here are five reasons to make time in your homeschool high school for involvement in the arts:

Some of our 7Sisters’ high schoolers loved the arts, some did not. However, they all earned some kind of Fine Arts credit for their transcripts. Not only that, they would all tell you that the experiences were good for them.

1. When young people are encouraged to try various types of artistic expression, they are less likely to be afraid of “failing.”

Teens should try their hand at various arts in a setting where it is okay to “just try” and not have to “be the best”. The point of trying various arts is the experience, not the expertise or talent. As they try new arts, it helps them develop a growth mindset and builds their confidence.

If teens wait until later in their developmental process, they will have a more rigid set of rules that they have created for themselves. Therefore they might feel less confidence and will be more likely to be afraid to try.  (For more information on developmental stages in children, check out 7Sisters Human Development from a Christian Worldview text).

Drama Camp Curriculum
Click image for full description.

2. Teens who struggle with academics will often excel in the arts.

Having this “arena for success” is a great encouragement to a child who struggles with reading or math.  Teens with learning difficulties like ADHD can sometimes find self-discipline more easily developed in the framework of artistic activities.

3. Shy teens tend to interact better socially if the social situation is structured.

It’s easier for a shy student to speak up in a group if the purpose of that gathering is a drama club meeting, and everyone has a line or two to recite.  I have directed Drama Camps (one-week intensives for student actors) for over a decade, and I have seen so many homeschool high schoolers blossom in the area of social confidence when they have a small role in our play. Download your copy of How to Direct a Homeschool Drama Camp.

4. Teens who aren’t confident as athletes can still enjoy the benefits of physical activity and a sense of being part of a team.

Dance is particularly great for the physical activity part, but drama and music are great ways to be part of a team, too.  A teen who likes drawing or painting can participate in creating a group mural with an art club.

A very little effort on the part of mom or dad to start a group or co-op for high schoolers with similar Fine Arts interests. This is a great way to SPARKLE up a transcript, too. For more information on How to Start a Homeschool Support Group from which special-interest clubs can easily be formed, download the White Paper in our EBookstore.

5. Homeschool high schoolers need Fine Arts for graduation.

Most states require at least one Fine Arts credit on the transcript. Need some fun ideas? Download: A Fun and Easy Fine Arts Credit. One way to earn a Fine Arts credit is to study Music Appreciation. Our friend, Gena, from Music in our Homeschool tells how to earn a Music Appreciation credit.

Want more info? Check out this Homeschool Highschool Podcast episode: Handling Fine Arts in Homeschool High School, Interview with Cody Wheelock.

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Fine Arts in Homeschool High School

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