Fun Ideas for Homeschooling through Covid Holiday Season

Happy roundup: Fun Ideas for Homeschooling through Covid Holiday Season!

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Fun Ideas for Homeschooling through Covid Holiday Season

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your Sisters here are 7SistersHomeschool!

In celebration of the season, we wanted to share a bunch of ideas for homeschooling through the holidays. As you have all noticed, this holiday season doesn’t look quite like other holiday seasons. Covid has caused us to change many plans and rearrange many traditions.

  • But as we always say: Motherhood is the necessity of invention. (So we moms get good at creatively improvising special Christmas “traditions” for this year.)
  • And also, as we always say: ALL of life is education! So just about any holiday activity can become a learning activity (don’t forget to log those hours)!

So let’s celebrate the holidays, keep on homeschooling and stay safe through Covid with some fun ideas from 7Sisters and our friends!

Motherhood is the necessity of invention (especially during a Covid Christmas season)!

Here are some fun homeschool ideas for the Covid holiday season!

There are SO many ways to keep homeschooling and the holidays inspirational and festive!

Take a week before Christmas and gear all the subjects and activities toward holiday themes

Christmas movie unit studies

For many of us homeschooling families, watching holiday movies is an important part of the season. The cool thing about Christmas movies is that they are usually fun for the whole family, are definitely not a super-spreader event and can be turned into unit studies!

Catch that?! Many of our favorite Christmas movies make quick, easy but meaningful unit studies. We’ve done the work for you in a few favorites (an they instructions are in freebie posts)!

Have your homeschool high schoolers work on a study guide for a classic Christmas movie or book:

Do a family read-aloud with favorite Christmas stories:

Homeschool activities for Christmas books and stories

Here’s a post that tells you how to make unit studies from 7Sisters elementary-aged activity guides. Here are our Christmas story activity guides for favorite and classic book for young readers:

Have a readers theatre for your homeschool co-op over Zoom

Add to your homeschool high schoolers’ Health credit hours with some social skills and emotional skills for the holidays

Gather family history stories (it counts as American history or culture, you know)

Have a blast (well, not literally) with Holiday STEM activities

Do a family unit study for Geography and Social Studies

Have your homeschool high schoolers log some computer or craft hours by making their own gifts

Here are some gift ideas from our friends:

Take a little time for your own encouragement, Homeschool 7th Sisters!

We wish all our 7th Sisters and your families a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a healthy, safe and inspired New Year!

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Fun Ideas for Homeschooling through Covid Holiday Season

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