5 Easy and Important Steps to Goal Setting for Homeschool High School

Feeling a little nervous? Here are some easy (and important) steps to goal setting for homeschool high school.

Goal Setting for Homeschool High School

Goal Setting for Homeschool High School

Do you have written goals for each child and for your homeschool?       

If you do, congratulations. That is wonderful! You already know that goal setting is the most important part of planning for your homeschool high schoolers’ success.

If you do not have written goals, do not worry or feel ashamed. We are here to help. Here is a way to write goals for your homeschool high school.  Of course, just as there is no one right way to homeschool, there is not one right way to write your goals.

Here are some goal setting for homeschool high school guidelines. Adapt them to your purposes:

1) Think about what you want for your teen by the time he or she graduates from high school.

  • You may want her to go to college. You may even want or need him to get a scholarship to help pay for said college.
  • Or you may not think college is in your child’s future, but you probably do want her to be able to support herself and move out on her own.  That would mean that your child would have a marketable skill.
  • You probably want your child to be able to support a family, prepare a meal, have friends, be serving in church, balance a checkbook, and bring your grandchildren back to see you!

2) These are all long-term goals and can be written as such.

Grab some paper and write these down. The exact wording does not matter.

3) Once you have your long-term goals written, think about what steps you need to take this school year to bring you closer to these goals.  These will be your short-term goals.

  • If my teen is in eleventh or twelfth grade and my long-term goal is being able to balance a checkbook and keep a budget, I might have him earn a credit in Financial Literacy. (My homeschool high schoolers really benefited from 7Sisters’ interactive Financial Literacy course.)
  • On the other hand, if I want her to be able to defend her faith, an Apologetics course would be important to include one year in high school. (Download our FREE Apologetics presentations from Good Answers Ministries. They are delightful, no-preparation-by-you, you-don’t-need-to-know-Apologetics-to-love-this-course, and great life-preparation for homeschool high schoolers.)

4) Once you have your long-term and short-term goals, think about the “how” of accomplishing them.  What is my plan for this year that will bring my child closer to this goal?

introduction to psychology
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5) When you set your goals, don’t focus entirely on academics.

  • You can include physical, social, and spiritual goals.
  • Also, you can include obedience, teamwork, and diligence.  (These will all be important to raising a teen who is ready to enter the real world someday.)

When my boys were little, I included a goal of being able to “handle a variety of social settings”.  For years, it seemed that the short-term goal was accomplished if they burped and said “excuse me” instead of “that was a good one”.  As they grew and matured it included things like being able to handle a job interview, knowing how to dress appropriately for an occasion and proper etiquette on a date or on the dance floor at a wedding. For basic social skills check out our Social Skills guide.

Each child and family is unique.  Once you have your written goals, you can use them to help you decide which curriculum or activities fit for you.  And, you will be surprised to see how much you accomplish each year!

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Goal Setting for Homeschool High School

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