How We Got Our Name:

Ever wonder how we got our name:

How We Got Our Name:

How We Got Our Name:

We often get asked that question. How did you get your name? Are you all really sisters?

Here’s the scoop:

  • is a group of 6 homeschool moms: Marilyn, Allison, Sara, Kym, Sabrina, and Vicki.
  • We are ALL sisters in the Lord. We’ve homeschooled together for so many years that our kids are very close.
  • In fact, one of Marilyn’s sons is married to Sabrina’s daughter.
  • Sabrina and Allison are biological sisters.

We got started as a homeschool co-op decades ago, when Vicki and Marilyn were president and vice-president of our area’s large homeschool support group.

Back in those days, there wasn’t a lot of curriculum tailored for the homeschool population. Most of what we found was full of busy work and not adaptable to our kids’ many learning styles. So we began to produce our own. Our teens are pretty outspoken so they were our best content editors. They let us know what they wanted and what they thought was useless!

We began with:

Soon the co-op got so big that we moved classes to our homeschool umbrella school (Marilyn is principal, Allison office manager, and Vicki served as academic advisor for 18 years). It is now one of the largest umbrella schools in the state and has graduated hundreds of homeschooling high schoolers.

In those classes, we realized that we needed to add that same no-busywork, adaptable concept to the homeschool high school classes there. We added:

After getting some requests to share our curriculum, we prayed. What to do?

We felt we were called to start!

So Marilyn, Allison, Sara, Kym, Sabrina, and Vicki are 6 sisters.

WHO is the 7th sister?

YOU ARE! Thanks for being our friend!

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How We Got Our Name:

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