Graduation Party Part One: How to Plan Ahead

Here’s how to throw a graduation party part one: how to plan ahead.

graduation party part one: how to plan ahead

Graduation Party Part One: How to Plan Ahead

Our 7Sister, Allison, is the queen of pulling off big events: like graduation parties. So we asked her for help. She gave us a six- part series, starting today! Here’s how to throw a graduation party part one: how to plan ahead.

Tis the season to go to grad parties. There are many ways of doing a big celebratory event like a graduation party, but the task can be daunting, especially if you have never done anything like this before.  I have compiled some of the ideas and tips that I have discovered by trial and error.  I hope they help you.

Now we hope you have already planned the ceremony for these tips are focused on the party aspect of celebrating. If you still need to decide how the ceremony is going to take place then read How to Create a Simple Homeschool Graduation Ceremony.

Here are practical tips for planning ahead for your homeschool senior’s graduation party

Plan ahead:

Make what you can ahead of time – Cook pork for pulled pork, ham, or  turkey days or even weeks ahead and freeze.  Do the same if you are having Italian dishes like baked ziti or lasagna.

Prepare for bad weather:

Have room inside, in the garage, or under a tent in case of rain.

graduation party part one: how to plan aheadEquipment:

Use large electric roasters or steam pans for hot foods (meatballs for sandwiches, ziti or lasagna, pulled pork for sandwiches, turkey or ham).

Keep cold foods on ice by filling larger containers with ice and placing the bowls of food inside them.  Lids to catering trays work well for this as well as baskets with plastic liners.

Borrow large coolers to keep foods in if you cannot fit them all in your fridge, or ask a neighbor if you can stash extras in their fridge.


If you are having an open house and people will be arriving over a long period of time and eating as they come, put smaller bowls of food out and refill periodically.graduation party part one: how to plan ahead


A cake is a beautiful and expected centerpiece for a party, but if people are not arriving and eating all at the same time, guests will either miss the chance to eat any or miss the chance to see the decorated cake uncut.  Consider cookies, brownies, or other single serve treats alone or in addition to the decorated cake.

Graduation Party Part Two: Drinks, Delegating, and Set-up is the next post in the series!

Join us for the other posts in this six-post suite on homeschool graduations. In post number two, Allison shares  for LOTS of details on beverages and cleanup.

Is your senior suffering from jitters about college major or career choices? It is a COMMON thing. Help assure them about next steps with a quick review of their skills and God’s callings with our inspirational Career Exploration textbook.

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Do you still have teens who are homeschooling high school or are planning to homeschool high school soon?

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Graduation Party Part One: How to Plan Ahead


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7 Replies to “Graduation Party Part One: How to Plan Ahead”

  1. My sister will graduate from home school soon, which is why we have decided to start looking for a custom kente stole that she may use for the said day. Well, I agree with you that we must plan for weeks. We’ll also keep in mind to prepare a room inside just in case of bad weather.

  2. Thank you for these great suggestions for planning ahead for a graduation party, very helpful! And I loved your 5 tips video, sharing it with my daughter (graduating this year).

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