Activities for Great Christian Writers in Homeschool Co-op

Need some good activities for teaching Great Christian Writers in your homeschool co-op?

Activities for Co-op Using Great Christian Writers

Great Christian Writers in Homeschool Co-op

Great Christian Writers Literature Course is a great topic to cover in your homeschool co-op. The books in the text lend themselves to thought-provoking discussion and character development.

Great Christian Writers includes study guides for:

Here are a few activities for teaching Great Christian Writers in homeschool co-op.

* Letter writing (an activity listed in the study guide) for The Practice of the Presence of God had the kids write a letter of encouragement or correction to a friend struggling with a problem (chosen from a list of problems in the guide). They shared their letters in small groups and evaluated what would really be helpful and edifying communication, and where the letters left Brother Lawrence’s model and became program-isn rather than deeply God-focused and organic.
* The Screwtape Letters — the study guide has the kids hone in on the philosophies in society being manipulated by the demons. When I did this our co-op, the teens really get into looking for evidence in our world right now (so different in many ways than the WWII era of the book), particularly the internet and technology and social media and entertainment of these slightly twisted philosophies that creep in the back door to lead us astray.
* Joni — Try drawing or painting with the implement in their teeth. Watch some of Joni’s videos on YouTube for a real feel of what life is like when you are entirely dependent on others and in pain, then discuss the little ways we can show gratitude to those around us who serve us in ways we take for granted much of the time. Explore possibilities for service projects in collaboration with Joni and Friends (camps and such for people with disabilities and their families) or Wheels for the World (overseas or in prep for shipping the wheelchairs from the states). Get personal and real about ways to make a difference for a group of people who possibly never blipped on your personal radar before.
*God’s Smuggler— Visit the website for Brother Andrew’s organization: Open Doors International and Open Doors USA. Open Doors USA has some compelling videos teens can watch. Ask them to compare their religious experiences with those in one of the countries rife with persecution. Suggest the teens pick countries to pray for and/or get involved in other ways.
*Pilgrim’s Progress— John Bunyan read the Geneva Bible. Go to and have your homeschool co-op students pick a psalm to read to the group from the Geneva Bible.
*Hymns and Creeds— Have your co-op students memorize and present one of the hymns or creeds in the study guide.


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Great Christian Writers in Homeschool Co-op

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