How to Handle 3 Most Dreaded Parts of Language Arts Credits

Here are tips on how to handle 3 most dreaded parts of Language Arts credits.

How to Handle the 3 Most Dreaded Parts of the Language Arts Credits

How to Handle 3 Most Dreaded Parts of Language Arts Credits

Homeschool Highschool Podcast Episode 61: Writing Research Papers
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In my many years as advisor for homeschool high schoolers I have learned (over and over) that there are 3 parts of the high school Language Arts credits that many teens absolutely dread. As they sat with me in their annual reviews and planning sessions, teens would often happily comply with the Literature component of each year’s Language Arts credit. Many of them wouldn’t even complain about writing Short Stories or Poetry. But LOTS of teens got chills over these 3 annual requirements:

  • Essay writing
  • Research Paper writing
  • Public speaking

As you know, homeschool high schoolers need 4 Language Arts credits for graduation. Each Language Arts credit needs:

  • Literature/Reading
  • Writing: Essays, Research Paper, Short Stories, Poetry
  • Grammar/Editing
  • Vocabulary
  • Public Speaking

It takes a lot of time management to get everything in. While time management can be an issue for teens, often they simply feel overwhelmed by the process of writing Essays and Research Papers. They (like many adults) would rather do anything than Public Speaking. For more on teaching public speaking skills to your teens, check out this post in our Authoritative Guide series.

Speech I Workbook

How can we help them not only handle the 3 most dreaded parts of Language Arts? We’ve got help!

Sabrina, Marilyn, one of our 7th Sisters, Barb and I tackle the Dreaded 3 in The Homeschool Highschool Podcasts episodes:

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Writing Research Papers: Your Teen CAN Do It!


Plus, check out these helpful posts that are packed with make-it-fun and useful info:

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Also, download 7Sisters no-busywork, teen-vetted curriculum:

Public Speaking: For individual use or for co-ops

Essay Writing: Middle School through Advanced Levels

Research Paper Writing: APA, MLA and coming soon: Chicago-style (the trending style in many colleges)

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How to Handle 3 Most Dreaded Parts of Language Arts Credits

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