5 Ways To Help Teens Find Purpose in Life

Homeschooling high school is the perfect place to instill the idea that we are all here on earth for a purpose. Jeremiah learned it early on when God told him, “I know the plans I have for you…” (Jeremiah 29:11). Homeschool teens are in the perfect position to explore and develop their sensitivity to God’s leading.

We 7Sisters have been homeschooling 26 kids over the years. We have also been active in helping the teens in our local homeschool community discover God’s purposes for them.

Help Teens Find Purpose

Help Teens Find Purpose

Here are 5 ways we’ve helped homeschool teens discover their purpose during high school:

1. Meet or interview people doing important or interesting things.

Church missionaries, urban mission workers, entrepreneurs, college professors, preschool teachers, coaches: All are people who might in some way inspire your teen. My daughter’s AWANA missionaries were such a powerful influence during her growing up years that she saved up and spent a month during college helping her role models on the field. While she didn’t become a missionary on the field, she learned a lot about life from her role models.

2. Watch movies about heroes or role models.

Amazing Grace (2006) is a favorite of my homeschool high schoolers. It is the story of William Wilberforce, who helped end slavery in England. 

Born Again

3. Read biographies about heroes or role models.

Homeschool high schoolers need to read LOTS of books, so why not read books that will inspire them to seek God’s leadings for them? Reading the lives of great people help guide teens even if they are not called to anything more than being great parents themselves someday.

Here are some suggestions of biographies that our kids have really liked. (They have completed the 7Sisters Study Guides for the books, also, in order to develop their Language Arts/comprehension skills while they are inspired to change the world):

4. Study out of the box subjects.

All of my kids study Philosophy in high school. My oldest is now a philosophy teacher at McDaniels College and University of Maryland. This is the curriculum we use (I wrote the first draft while my oldest was in high school. After college, he expanded and added his expertise and richness to it for our new edition). 

A couple of my kids studied Early Childhood Education in high school. While neither went into that exact field, they have both used the teaching concepts in other life arenas.
Social Skills for Children

5. Actually do a career exploration course.

Most of our homeschool high schoolers complete the 7 Sisters Career Exploration FREE Questionnaire and Career Exploration textbook.

Then they complete activities off my Homeschool Career Exploration Pinterest board.

Our teens have gone on to become teachers, barbers, college professors, photographers, entrepreneurs, nurses, and personal trainers among other things. The exploring they did as homeschool high schoolers has been vital to their knowledge of God’s plans for them.

What are some things your homeschool high schoolers do to explore God’s purposes for them?

History and Philosophy of the Western World

Help Teens Find Purpose

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