Help Teens Understand the World through World Poetry

Here is one way to help teens understand the world through World Poetry.

Help Teens Understand the World through World Poetry: Reading and Writing

Help Teens Understand the World through World Poetry

Current events and news in social media connect our homeschool high schoolers to the world in ways that are different than the old days when all we parents had were newspapers and the evening news. This quick and sometimes overwhelming connectedness may make teens feel curious or critical.

We can help them understand some of the cultures in the news (while enhancing a powerful Language Arts credit) by teaching our teens about cultures in the WORDS of that culture. When young people read the actual writings (translated into English, of course) AND try their hands at writing some of those styles, they have a little better view of those people groups.

That’s why we’ve introduced World Poetry: Reading and Writing to our local homeschool high schoolers, who have genuinely appreciated the experience. Now we are offering it to all our homeschool friends.

World Poetry Reading and Writing Guide

World Poetry: Reading and Writing gives teens a glimpse of various world cultures BUT not in a stuffy, overly-serious format.

In this 5-week (4 days per week) guide teens will learn about several poetic styles from various world regions that they find in the news: Korean, Japan, Arab countries, Ireland, Israel. They read selections (your teen will need the internet for this). Then they are guided through writing their own poem in all they styles. (They can skip writing ghazals, which may be too complicated for teens to write.)

Homeschoolers will read famous examples of each type of poetry, then write their own poems in each style.

  • Week 1: Poetry of Korea: Sijo
  • Week 2: Poetry of Japan: Haiku, Senryu, and Tanka
  • Week 3: Poetry of Persia, Middle East, and Northern Africa: Ghazal
  • Week 4: Fun Poetry of Europe: Limericks
  • Week 5: Poetry of Israel: Psalms

As always, 7Sisters’ motto is: “Don’t kill the topic by busywork”.

This is a downloadable 32-page workbook includes an answer key to help parents with grading.

Click here for a free excerpt of World Poetry: Reading and Writing.

For teens who get excited and want a full year/full credit of poetry, here’s a syllabus for a poetry credit to walk them through the process.

Your homeschool high schoolers will enjoy World Poetry: Reading and Writing. Download a copy today.

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Help Teens Understand the World through World Poetry

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