Helps for Reluctant High School Readers and Writers

Need helps for reluctant high school readers and writers? We’ve got them!

Helps for Reluctant High School Readers and Writers

Helps for Reluctant High School Readers and Writers

Not all homeschool high schoolers love language arts. God gives each teen differing gifts. Part of our job as parents is helping our kids discover and develop those gifts.

However, whether they hate or love language arts, all teens must earn 4 language arts credits. Here are some helps for reluctant high school readers and writers:

They must read books, but don’t kill the book with busywork. Concentrate on the experience, discussion work, and take-aways. (7Sisters Literature Study Guides are perfect for this: no busywork, adaptable, inspirational.)

They must write, but don’t kill the writing with useless copywork and non-necessary busywork. You can still cover each year’s writing requirements (essays, research papers, creative writing) in an incremental format. (Take a look at our ELA bundles for a full-year of literature and writing guides that encourage and inspire with NO busywork- and adaptable to student needs.)

They must do vocabulary, but reluctant students are not going to thrive on endless hours of memorization. Try making the vocabulary lists in their study guides into a family game: discuss the words together then incorporate them the week into family conversations (the more silly and contrived the better).

They must do some grammar or editing work, but rather than spend endless hours in grammar textbooks, together use the writing guides’ rubrics and your computer’s processing program editing tools to discuss and edit papers. Gradually ease them into these edits on their own.

Incorporate audio books and family read-alouds with some of the textbooks. One never outgrows this! Listening to more difficult books is a great way to stretch thinking and vocabulary, even for homeschool high schoolers.


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Helps for reluctant high school readers and writers

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