High School Electives Probably Never Thought Of But You Should

Want to hear a secret? High school electives are some of the BEST classes your teen will ever take.

And there are High School Electives you probably never thought of…but you should!

High School Electives You Probably Never Thought of but Should

High School Electives Probably Never Thought Of But You Should

Electives give our teens a chance to press into areas of interest, to find creative ways to explore subject areas and ideas and career pathways that might be of great interest to them after high school graduation. Have you considered these? We have found them to be a great addition to our own kids’ high school years and seen kids in our local community enjoy them tremendously while adding “sparkle” to their transcripts. These are the kind of classes that catch the eye of college admissions officers and make them say, “Hey! Look at this. What an interesting choice!”


Human Development

Human Development from a Christian Worldview by Vicki Tillman, MA

Human Development is the study of the ways humans grow and change from womb to old age. It gives practical information on the ways people develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. It is a true life-preparation credit! For more on why you should teach Human Development with your homeschool high schoolers, check out this post.

A perennial favorite. Learn how people develop from womb through old age. For details about this popular title, click here to read more.


History and Philosophy of the Western World

History and Philosophy of the Western World by Dr. Micah Tillman, Ph.D. and Vicki Tillman, MA

Why study plain old world history when you can dig into the IDEAS that shaped each culture over thousands of years?  History and Philosophy of the Western World:

  • is a homeschool World History high school curriculum.
  • is a homeschool high school World Philosophy course.
  • covers some important movements in church history, so that teens can note the impact of the faith on the world of philosophers. Read more about it here.

Acting and Directing

Acting and Directing by Sabrina Justison

WHAT?? That’s not a high school course, is it? It certainly can be! High School Electives give you a place to create a credit in unusual ways, and a hands-on, experiential approach to learning provides a wonderful break from traditional academic pursuits. A Successful Approach to Acting and Directing is the curriculum I developed to work with teens in our local community who wanted to learn about the craft of dramatic art in a deeper way, to work with material by accomplished playwrights of repute rather than simply performing in a skit or youth group drama. Skeptical? Look for yourself; this was a very popular co-op class every year that I offered it! And you don’t have to have acting and directing experience to teach this class.

introduction to psychology

Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective by Vicki Tillman, MA

Vicki is a licensed practicing counselor who also runs a coaching business at vickitillmancoaching.com. Her desire to introduce her own kids to Psych in high school from a God-honoring perspective led her to create this curriculum, a favorite now in our local community for many years. Read more about it here.

Philosophy in 4 Questions. 7SistersHomeschool.com

Philosophy in 4 Questions by Dr. Micah Tillman, Ph.D.

If you have an idea-kid, you know they need more than facts to memorize and parrot back to you on tests. They want to think about thinking, to explore the power of ideas on individuals and on societies. Dr. Micah Tillman’s text Philosophy in 4 Questions is absolutely unique in its fun, engaging approach to a subject that is rarely even introduced to teenagers. This was my youngest son’s favorite class in high school, hands-down. Do you know the 4 questions? Learn more about them here.

Early Childhood education

Early Childhood Education by Vicki Tillman, MA

Do you know a teen who is everyone’s favorite babysitter? A  young person who loves working with little ones? A High School Elective course in Early Childhood Education is a powerful credit on the transcript, a sparkly entry that commands attention. It’s one thing to “be good with” little children. It’s so much more to add to that natural interest and affection the kind of knowledge that equips you to really teach and nurture little people! Ideal for individual study, but also LOTS of fun in a group class; explore Early Childhood Education here.


High School electives health
Electives add sparkle to the high school transcript. Click image to learn more.

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High School Electives Probably Never Thought Of But You Should

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