3 Reasons Teens Need High School Essay Writing

Your homeschooler needs high school essay writing and here are 3 important reasons why!

3 Important Reasons Your Teen Needs High School Essay Writing

High School Essay Writing

Introduction to Essay Writing
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In the old days, many teens stressed about essay-writing skills because they knew that they would be facing the dreaded essay-writing section on the SATs. (Here are some ways to prepare for SAT, btw.) However, these days the SATs do not require essay writing.

So, are you thinking that it is no longer important to teach essay-writing to your student? They will not need to be skilled in essay-writing, right?

WRONG! High School Essay Writing is still an important part of your homeschool program. Here’s why:

  • Essay-writing helps a student to develop logical thinking. 

    • Teenagers have lots of opinions, but often defend their case in a weak manner. In essay-writing, they must support their thesis in a way that makes sense, using and developing their logical thinking skills.
    • Beginning with some simple assignments and working their way towards more complex subject manner, they practice defending their opinions (thesis).
    • This is why it is important to start with easy, familiar subjects before tackling more difficult subject matter.
  • While the College Board has removed mandatory essay writing from the SAT, colleges have not removed it from their courses!

    • College students will write lots of essays in their Freshman Composition courses. Not only that, but they will face lots of timed essays in the exams for some courses.
    • Even going beyond English 101, students often take essay tests or write essays as assignments, both in general education courses and required courses for a major.
    • Learning to write exemplary essays in a timely manner will aid your student in attaining success.
  • Essay writing is the foundation for successful completion of an MLA research paper.

    • This style of research paper is driven by a thesis – the very skill that is taught in essay-writing. Before attempting to defend a thesis over five to ten (or more) pages, practice defending a thesis over three to five paragraphs! in a Research papers are so long! It is smart to learn to defend theses in short papers, like essays!
      Intermediate Guide to Essay Writing

Essay writing in high school does not have to be difficult! We can help.

All of our essay curriculum teaches the basics of essay writing, as well as various forms of essays.

The guides are, as with all 7Sisters curriculum, no-busywork, no-wasted time, as well as created for ease of use with daily, step-by-step instructions.

Also, each 7Sisters essay-writing guide emphasizes the importance of editing and re-writing until a well-honed product is attained. Rubrics are included to aid the teacher in evaluating the quality of each essay.

While all 7Sisters Essay Writing curriculum includes essay prompts, some homeschoolers who want more personal prompts or prompts that might be relevant enjoyed this post.

Your homeschool high schoolers can gain confidence and build practical college-prep skills by gaining lots of experience writing essays. Download a 7Sisters essay writing guide and get your teens started on the journey to essay writing success.

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High School Essay Writing


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