Holidays – Real Blessings and Real Struggles

With the holiday season rapidly moving in, we wanted to share with you our encouragement to be REAL this Christmas. Family life is not always neat and tidy. Holiday celebrations are sometimes hard. The blessings of celebrating Christmas with loved ones are real…but so are the struggles that press down on us some years.

holiday struggles

Holiday Struggles

Your “sisters” here at have not led lives that came out of a Norman Rockwell painting. We’ve experienced struggles and imperfections and tragedies and disappointments, and we want to send some pre-holiday love your way and remind you that God is good, He loves you, and you will get through the struggles.

If this is a year of blessing and joy during the holidays, remember to pray for those who are hurting. Lower your expectations of a loved one who may not feel up to all the usual gatherings this year. Offer a kind word or a hug where appropriate.

Our 48-page .pdf Christmas ebook has ideas and personal stories that deal with the holiday season in a real way…the blessings and the struggles.

Here’s a peek at the Table of Contents:

Holiday Struggles and Blessings - Christmas with 7Sisters

Perhaps you or someone you know would find encouragement from our experiences. Download it for $3.99 from our bookstore as a .pdf ebook file.


This is what one reader had to say:

I have heard lots of seminars about making the holidays fun and meaningful, but this book gave me even more ideas than I had before! But they also do it in a way that takes pressure off so that a mom doesn’t feel like she has to do it all, or do it all by herself. I especially liked the ideas that are easy and the advice to get others involved with you to take up the slack when your Christmas spirit runs out or to help do things that you are not particularly good at or fond of. I highly recommend this book for moms who want to create memories with their children but are not really high energy or natural “Christmas people”. – Penney

 Holiday Struggles

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