Homeschool Career Exploration: Early Childhood Education

Your high schooler should include Early Childhood Education in his/her homeschool career exploration. Here’s why:

Homeschool Career Exploration

Homeschool Career Exploration

– Early Childhood Education

1) Add power to the homeschool transcript by leveling-up Human Development
If included as an add-on to Human Development, the course levels up from average high school to college prep or even higher (according to the activities chosen). This make Human Development an even more powerful “sparkle” credit.

Homeschool Career Exploration
Add Early Childhood Education to Human Development for a powerful credit!

2) Prepare to be an awesome homeschooling parent someday

Early Childhood Education prepares a teen to understand preschoolers along with their developmental and educational needs. This light-hearted, no-busywork text gives an introduction to teaching young children, whether in a group setting or at home with the family.

3) Enrich a good career exploration curriculum

Whether or not a homeschooling high schooler wishes to seriously pursue a career in Early Childhood Education, it adds richness to their exploration process. Teens need to have many types of experiences in homeschool career exploration in order to truly know themselves and be ready to know God’s plans.

Homeschool Career Exploration
Add Early Childhood Ed to Career Exploration and empower your teen.

4) Early Childhood Education is an important mission field

Very early exposure to the Gospel and Christ’s love is important for children. With more and more preschoolers in Early Childhood Education placements these days, this mission field is becoming more and more vital. There is a great need for missionaries to our youngest children!

5) Early Childhood Education as homeschool career exploration credit is FUN!

It is just good fun to discover and invent delightful activities that inspire and excite preschoolers. Early Childhood Education is a no-busywork, fun, but seriously instructional part of a solid homeschool career exploration credit.

Early Childhood Education includes:

  • An explanation of the developmental process of preschoolers
  • A brief history of Early Childhood Education
  • A discussion of the various styles of Early Childhood Education
  • Instruction on creating exciting educational activities and lesson plans that are appropriate for preschoolers (whether in the home or group settings)
  • Resources to explore
  • .5 credit career exploration

Your homeschool career exploration credit will sparkle when it includes Early Childhood Education. Download yours today!

Homeschool Career Exploration

Early Childhood Education


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