Homeschool Case Study: High Schooler’s Right-Fit Curriculum

Another Homeschool Case Study: High Schooler’s right-fit curriculum!

Homeschool Case Study: High Schooler's Right-Fit Curriculum

Homeschool Case Study: High Schooler’s Right-Fit Curriculum

Over the many years I’ve served as a homeschool advisor for high schoolers, one of my most difficult advisees has been me. That’s because I’ve had 5 kids in high school over the years and when I get it figured out for one kid, the next one comes along and needs something completely different!

So here’s the case study on my own family when Kid #5 was in junior year:

Kid #5, of course, needed a completely different high school experience than his older siblings. Seth is into music. He also likes music. He likes music a lot. When he’s not doing music, he plays guitar. (He is also handy with languages and vocabulary.)

He had no desire whatsoever to go away and do the college dorm experience. He had some choices of local colleges. When he looked at his options he decided:

1) If he goes to the community college, he would not need a bunch of honors-level courses on the transcript. The school does little with scholarships, so he’d be wasting his time to put tons of hours into high powered courses, unless he was simply developing his gifts or interests.


2) If he attended the local university, he would need at least one honors-level course each year. He would also need physics and pre-calc- things he didn’t want to take.

Screwtape C.S. Lewis

His older siblings coached him to choose the community college option. Although they had scholarships and I paid half their tuition, they still had college debt that slowed down things they wanted to do now that they were graduated.

We decided to lean into his giftings- music, language arts, languages. So here’s what the junior year looked like:

Language Arts: Honors Level (because of his vocabulary giftings and our family’s priority on reading and writing). He is using Sabrina Justison’s literature study guides and writing guides from 7Sisters, too. He does extra vocabulary on

History and Philosophy of the Western World

Math: He fired me (in a polite manner) as his math teacher. In junior year he did a Level 2 (average high school) Algebra 2 from AGS. 7Sister, Sara, taught him. Math is something we both hate so this is a good thing.

Social Studies: History and Philosophy of the Western World (I taught a group class of the text my oldest son and I wrote). He did this as a Level 3 (College Prep) because he’s capable of Honors level but doesn’t need more than College Prep.

He also completed Civics in a co-op at Level 2 and “leveling up” to College Prep by completing an extra textbook and keeping up with current events with World Magazine.

Science: Chemistry. Also Level 2 because he really doesn’t need more than that. He started out with a Chemistry we hated but completed. Then we found Westfield Studio Chemistry 101. It is Level 2 and awesome for the non-science major. (This is not a sponsored post.)

Advance Guide to High School Writing

Latin: He had already completed Spanish 3 and wanted to move onto Latin. He did this in a group class that 7Sister, Sabrina taught.

Music: Music Theory class, homeschool choir, voice lessons, umbrella school praise band, church worship team, rock band with friends. Logged hours.

Career Exploration: Recording studio apprenticeship. (His brother-in-law owns a small studio and he spent time there. His band also recorded at another local studio.) Logged hours.

Student Leadership: Trained and invested in his umbrella school’s culture, listened to John Maxwell and Steven Covey audio books. Logged hours.

Physical Education: Personal fitness. Logged hours.

He had fun, concentrating on what he loves. That made a happy homeschooler and a happy homeschool mom.


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Homeschool Case Study: High Schooler’s Right-Fit Curriculum

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