How to: Homeschool Co-op Literature and Composition

Are you preparing to teach your homeschool co-op Literature and Composition? Here are some tips for you!

Homeschool co-op literature and composition

Homeschool Co-op Literature and Composition

Homeschool co-op is a great way to cover Literature and Composition Parts A and B. The group setting allows stimulating discussion and creative activities.

We wanted to share some fun ideas for teaching Literature and Composition to your homeschool high schoolers at co-op.

1) Stimulating discussion: Each book’s study guide in Literature and Composition A and B cover a specific aspect of literature analysis such as theme, character analysis, plot, or tropes.

When you have your homeschool co-op’s high schoolers together, share about the aspect given in the study guide, then break the group into smaller teams. Allow them to discuss the related questions from the study guide together, then present their thoughts to the whole class.

Introduction to Literature and Composition Part A

To make sure everyone contributes, you can give each group a bowl with poker chips. Each student removes two poker chips. They can return a poker chip to the bowl with each comment they make.

2) Geographical and historical context: Each book in Literature and Composition A and B have a unique and important geographical and historical context. The study guide for each book will give some necessary background information.

In your homeschool high school co-op, briefly explain the context to your students, then give them outline maps to fill in the important locations of the story. National Geographic has some great maps to download for free.

Have the students break into teams with their laptops or cell phones, and find 3 historical facts about the time period in the book. Have them share what they found with the class. is a good resource.

3) When it is time to teach poetry (both reading and writing) to your homeschool co-op Literature and Composition A and B, start with some You Tube presentations of those poems. You will find many of the poems in the writing and literature guide on my Pinterest Poetry Board.

Introduction to Literature Comp

4) For writing guides, hold reading days where your homeschool high schoolers pass their poems, short story, essay, or research paper around to each other. Have them write a positive comment on an attached comment sheet.

5) The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Watch the movie together. Discuss the similarities and differences in the book and the movie. Which did your homeschool co-op students like best?

6) Anne of Green Gables: Have a celebratory meal when you finish the book. Eat foods mentioned in the story.

7) God’s Smuggler: Visit Open Doors, the website for Brother Andrew’s organization. Discuss his influence today.

8) Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Have the students share their thoughts on this question: If you were a friend of Dr. Jekyll, what would you have done if you had noticed his erratic behaviors?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Literature Study Guide

9) Cry, the Beloved Country: Read current events. What is happening in South Africa today? Where do we see racism in our country?

10) British Poetry: Do read alouds. Have each student rehearse and read a poem to the class (or recite, if practical).

11) Joni: Visit Joni and Friends, the website for Joni’s organization. Discuss her continued work and influence.

12) The Hiding Place: Watch the movie.  Discuss this question: Which do you think has a more powerful effect on you- the movie or the book? Why?

13) Les Miserables: (Remember to read the abridged version in your homeschool co-op Literature and composition class!) Watch the recent movie and discuss the similarities and differences? Why do you think it makes a good musical?

14) A Separate Peace: Discuss the causes of World War I, the effects of the war on population and cities. Have your class break into teams and discuss: What causes are worth going to war for? Then have them share their thoughts with the whole group.

15) Sense and Sensibility: Watch the movie. Compare the similarities and differences.


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Homeschool co-op Literature and Composition

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