43 Things “TO DO” to Homeschool during Pandemic of Covid-19

Feeling lost about homeschooling right now? Here are 43 things “TO DO” to homeschool during pandemic of covid-19.43 Things "TO DO" to Homeschool during Pandemic of Covid-19. Help yourself and your kids stay on track with healthy emotional, spiritual and physical practices.

43 Things “TO DO” to Homeschool During Pandemic of Covid-19

I have never lived through times like this and I am assuming you have not either. But I have homeschooled through some really hard times and I know as a writer it helps me process through anxiety and uncertainty by creating lists. I need something for my mind to read when it feels like it can no longer process information or make decisions.

So, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy browsing my list of things to do if you are homeschooling currently or are transitioning to homeschool during the Pandemic of Covid-19. Maybe you will find an idea that inspires you to find peace, laughter or even a special moment with God.

When Plans Change in Your Homeschool because of Pandemic Covid-19

  1. Grace, grace and more grace. Take a moment to think how you can help your teens process current events.
  2. Sometimes stopping normal lessons and focus on something like a study guide. The Practice of the Presence of God might help your students think through how performing all tasks with a purposefully loving attitude can help them with all the plans changing.
  3. Listen to the podcast When Life Happens, homeschooling when we can’t make life calm, quiet and perfect all the time. Goodness, we can’t even make it happen some of the time.
  4. Or just stop all lessons and allow them time to ask the hard questions.
  5. If you are feeling really behind because of illness we have a resource on Help! We are drowning! What to try when you are way behind in homeschooling. 
  6. Listen to the podcast Helping Teens in Crisis Times.
  7. Our sister Kym as a saying, pray…do the next thing…pray…do the next thing. When you have no idea how long this will last focus just on what you need to do today, or even the next hour.

homeschool during covid-19

When You Can’t Leave Your House: Homeschool during Pandemic of Covid-19

  1. Virtual Field Trips, great time to surf the web.
  2. Staycations, while most ideas are for local events, focus on the idea of staying home. Limit screen time, turn off phones and do something together as a family. Let everyone offer a suggestion on what would be fun for them.
  3. Write letters to your elderly neighbor and friends and encourage them in a time when visiting might be limited.
  4. Start learning about survival skills, I have raised a survivalist. This might be a topic of interest for your kids on planning for what its. What if we ran out of toilet paper, what could we do? Can you make your own toilet paper? 
  5. Find the humor in how many crafts you can do with toilet paper rolls.
  6. You can check out this post with a gazillion resources for creative homeschooling resources to use during this difficult time. might even find focusing on Professional Writing to give your teens credit in writing to businesses, news organizations and even letters of complaints in response to the Covid-19.
  7. Have “tell jokes during lunch time” or watch funny youtube videos. Laughter is good medicine.
  8. Spring cleaning! You have time to make things sparkle. You might even have time to focus on a 30 day spring cleaning list. 
  9. Have your teens write out a home maintenance schedule for your house focusing on spring and summer lists.
  10. Have your teens write up a plan for a home improvement you house needs. They can also create a budget for the task and even watch videos on how to do it.
  11. Have your kids create their own board game. 
  12. Create a notebook of current events or write a haiku about the event to change things up.
  13. Brainstorm ideas with your kids on how they can help others during this pandemic. Especially ways they can help those who have comprised immune systems.
  14. Research the Spanish Flu or the Plague and compare and contrast to what you are experiencing today.
  15. Have your kids journal what they are experiencing. This is a time that will most likely show up in the history books and they have a first hand account. What would they want their grandkids to know about the Corvid-19.
  16. Take a break from the news! If needed declare it Corvid-19 free zone. I know already some of my teens are tired of it being the only topic of conversation.

Mom’s To-Do List Homeschool during Pandemic of Covind-19:

  1. How about getting the high school transcript current.
  2. Maybe now is the time to think about goals for the next few months or change the ones you have, we have a smart goals worksheet.
  3. Remember to take care of you, even more so you may be called to do things out of your comfort zone. Give yourself grace too. End your day today doing one thing that helps you.
  4. Planning for next year, maybe you are needing guidance on How to Choose Homeschool High School Curriculum.
  5. We never want to think about not surviving this but sometimes knowing you have left everything in order helps. So creating a file of all your passwords. I use LastPass to keep all of mine in one place and it allows me to share with another if I can no longer access my account.
  6. Make sure your will and living will are up to date and your family knows where to find them.
  7. Write a letter to your family on how much you love them and trusted God during this pandemic.
  8. Don’t forget to take a look at your expectations. Sometimes letting go of them can help you survive. Most of us don’t know what to expect or how long this will last.
  9. Know the signs of depression and anxiety. Schedule occasional afternoon tea time to check in with your loved ones.
  10. Even if it is an altered schedule of your normal, try to have a routine. It does help our minds during times of chaos to know that we can expect a few normal things to happen.

serve others homeschool during covid-19

Encouragement to Homeschool during Pandemic of Covid-19:

  1. Be on the lookout to love and serve others. Nothing takes my mind off anxiety than serving others.
  2. Carry Each Other’s Burdens, if you want ideas on how you can reach out to others during trials read this
  3. Turn on some praise music and let the words of the songs calm your heart for a moment.
  4. Start reading a devotional on how God meets Me Here, homeschooling through chronic illness.
  5. Do a brief word study. Often just looking at the definition of a word and focusing on it helps me calm down.
  6. If your kids are starting to get on each other’s nerves being home more than usual I recommend doing Brother’s Keeper Bible study. 
  7. Start a prayer journal to document how God showed up in your life during this pandemic.
  8. Reach out to a friend and ask how you can pray for them today! Be thankful for this virtual world where we can facetime our loved ones.
  9. Pick a different scripture verse and place it on the fridge. Share with your family why you choose it and how it can help them with processing these uncertain times.
  10. Join or start a virtual group where you can still meet with other moms and find a way to feel connected. The 7Sisters even have a Facebook group where we hope we can provide some of that.

Bonus Tips: Homeschooling During Pandemic of Covid-19

This post was written in the early weeks of the pandemic, now we are months into adjusting our perspectives. Some of us are tired of hearing the phrase “new normal” and others just wonder if normal will ever return. Younger kids might not even remember normal!

I just keep reminding myself that normal is only a setting on my washing machine.

I have always consider the world my classroom and now I am struggling with how to help my high schooler find real world experiences. Almost everything has moved online and volunteering to help people while avoiding them is a challenge everywhere.

Even though homeschool students have already adjusted to school at home, we have still been impacted by co-ops not meeting in person, cancelled field trips and vacations, and we are not able to find internships or even ways to volunteer.

I am hoping taking a moment to focus on volunteering can help me and my teen connect with our community. We both find it difficult to connect over a screen.

Volunteering and Homeschooling During Pandemic of Covid-19

  • If you already have a relationship with a non profit reach out to them. They may have already brainstormed ideas on how to get teens involved. Locally I know youth groups raking leaves for the elderly, and singing outside windows of nursing homes.
  • You can even try Volunteer Match online. You put in your location and it has a list of local ways to serve. Since my son wants to be a Chaplin I was excited to find a group looking to encourage them!
  • Now might be the best time to donate blood. It gives the chance to do something in person.
  • Brainstorm with your teens. If you want have them write an essay on the topic of volunteering during a pandemic.
  • Here’s a great list of 45 Socially Distant Service Projects, I love the idea of sending birthday decorations to a homeless shelter for kids.

If you have any unique ideas on how your family has volunteered during this pandemic…please leave a comment! 

Discouragement can happen at any time, not during a pandemic. Read about Kym and Vicki’s suggestions for dealing with discouragement.

Praying for you, praying for the world, praying for all those affected by Covid-19.

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  1. Thanks so much for the creative ideas and encouragement! I’ve passed this along to fellow co-op members too. What a blessing to have good resources available!

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