Homeschool Electives for High School – Human Development

Human Development is the study of how people grow and change from womb to old age. It’s also a powerful transcript choice for one of your homeschool electives for high school.

Homeschool Electives for High School - Human Development

More than a traditional health credit, Human Development is a rich look at many aspects of healthy living at every age, and the social science “sparkle” on the high school transcript is attractive to college admissions officers, too. For more on why and how to teach Human Development, check out this episode of the Homeschool Highschool Podcast.

Homeschool Electives for High  School

One of my personal goals for my homeschooling high schooler has been that they learn Human Development (the ways people grow and change from womb to old age). It seemed to me that if they were going to grow up, get married, be parents, maybe even help me out when I’m really old, they needed to understand what what going on at each developmental stage.

When I started out homeschooling my high schoolers, there was not a Christian worldview curriculum for Human Development. Fortunately, the topic happened to be one of my special interests in my work as a mental health counselor. So out of my training and work, I developed a Human Development curriculum for my kids that has been used in the homeschooling community and Christian schools for a while.

I wrote the curriculum with a friendly, conversational tone, in a no-busywork format so that my kids would like it and remember what they learned (if you over-teach a subject, sometimes teens only retain information long enough for a test). This means this one-credit text is written so that the average (level 2) student can manage it in independent study. My college prep-level and honors-level kids added the additional useful activities for their credit. (There is a handy chart at the beginning of the text with how-to’s.)

When I teach Human Development in the local homeschool group classes, I include these You Tubes that I saved on my Human Development Pinterest board.  Here are some resources that Sabrina used in her co-op.

Here is a link to a post my friend, Stacey Lane (Layered Soul blog) wrote on how her family and homeschool co-op used the text.

We counted Human Development as health curriculum (healthy lifestyle is integrated in the curriculum). Click here to view a sample of the text.

My homeschooling high schoolers enjoyed Human Development and have been able to apply much of what they learned. Why not take a look at it for your teen?

Human Development
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Here’s an activity Sabrina’s co-op did on one Human Development day:


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Homeschool Electives for High School



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