Homeschool-Friendly College: Murray State University

If your high schooler is looking for a homeschool friendly college: Murray State University is worth looking into.

Homeschool-Friendly College: Murray State University
Photo credit: Murray State University

Homeschool-Friendly College: Murray State University

Recently I had the opportunity to visit an innovative, passionate-about-its-culture, homeschool-friendly college: Murray State University. It is located in Murray, Kentucky a lovely location in western KY.

Homeschool high schoolers are looking for a great college experience in a homeschool friendly environment. Murray State University is one that you should definitely put on your college-visit list. Here’s why:

  • Murray State University is a homeschool friendly college. I interviewed Dr. Renae Duncan, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education. She said MSU loves homeschoolers and she encouraged me to invite homeschool high schooler’s to apply.
  • MSU is a safe campus. In fact, Murray State was the first college in USA to earn the Safe Community designation.
  • Murray State is in a pleasant town. Students can safely wander from campus around Murray and enjoy its friendly small-town atmosphere. There is a church on almost every corner.
  • Murray is an accessible community. It is 2 hours from Nashville, 3 hours to St. Louis.
  • Murray State has great rankings. It has been ranked for 25 years on US News and World Report’s Best Colleges edition. This year it is ranked 9th public regional college in the South. Forbes ranks it as a Best Buy college. Washington Monthly ranked it 44th in Best Bang for the Buck in southern colleges.
  • Murray State follows the Oxford University college model. Instead of dorms, MSU is set up as a collection of residential colleges. (Here’s an article that describes residential colleges.)This is a powerful and not-too-common-in-the-States model that allows for lots of student support, relationships, and activities at a level that normal dorm life can’t provide.
  • Every student at MSU has an experiential learning, research, service, or learn-abroad experience.
  • The undergraduate/teacher ratio is 16:1.
  • MSU has out-of-state tuition scholarships.
  • On my visit, this is what REALLY impressed me: I had the opportunity to talk to school administration, professors, secretaries, janitors, and students. I talked to students and staff of various ethnicities, religious affiliations, and nationalities. They all loved the school and loved the culture there! They also loved and supported each other. I’ve never seen anything like it on all the colleges I’ve visited. I asked Dr. Duncan about the amount love and support for school and others that I was observing. She explained that it is a Murray value to respect each other, to not discriminate against other people or societal rankings. It was a lovely thing to behold!

Homeschool high schoolers can give MSU a try by taking one of their online courses through  their popular Racer Academy. Teens earn dual credit and have the opportunity to experience a flavor of MSU.

If you are looking into colleges we have written How to Choose a College for Homeschool Graduates that can help with the process.

This is not a sponsored post. I am sharing this information because I was GENUINELY impressed and want other homeschool parents and high schoolers to know about a really homeschool-friendly college: Murray State University.

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Homeschool-Friendly College: Murray State University

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