Homeschool Help: Your Turn to Talk

There are 3 questions below that we’ve heard this week from some of our homeschool friends:

(Some of you are shy and share with us but feel funny posting here…which is always fine! Feel free to email thoughts and concerns to!)


Homeschool Help: Your Turn to Talk

Homeschool Help: Your Turn to Talk


– How do I deal with stall tactics? My kid seems to have so many pressing needs when it’s time to work on a school task. Tweens and teens come up with some REALLY creative stall tactics. How can I get ’em moving on the school work without turning every day into a battle?

– Do you approach your homeschool high school day in terms of HOURS of schoolwork, or a specific list of tasks to accomplish, or some other way?

– My teen is terrible at following directions. Driver’s Ed is coming up soon and I worry that this is going to mess him up in trying to earn his driver’s license. How can we improve direction following for a kid who is smart, just struggles in this area for some reason?

Do you have help to offer? C’mon, don’t keep all your great ideas to yourself!


Offer ideas to help homeschoolers conquer the challenges above, or start another topic in your comment; it’s up to you.


If you need Homeschool Help: YOUR TURN to Talk!

Tell us what’s bugging you, frustrating you, confusing you, intimidating you. Let’s all put our heads together and see if we can help each other.

If you can offer someone else Homeschool Help: YOUR TURN to Talk!

Tell us what’s working great in your homeschool. Share success stories — you are not bragging, because we ASKED you to tell us the good stuff to encourage us all.

On Saturdays, we want you to comment here. There’s no set theme. This is an “open thread” post.


These simple rules will suffice:

1. Start your comment with a topic word or phrase, like “Algebra I,” or “editing writing,” or “time management.” That will make it easy for people to scroll through and read more on the topics that most interest them.

2. If you are responding to someone who already commented, use the SAME topic they used.

3. Keep it judgment-free! We need encouragement. We need ideas. We don’t need to slam each other if we disagree. There are no cookie-cutters for creating homeschool success.

4. If you share a link, make sure it’s relevant. Spammy links will be deleted by admins.

That’s about it!


What’s going on in your homeschool this week?

Homeschool Help: Your Turn to Talk

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