Homeschool High School English Credit: What’s Included?

The homeschool high school English credit: What’s included?

Homeschool High School Language Arts Credit: What's Included?

Homeschool High School English Credit: What’s Included?

We often get asked about language arts/English credits for the homeschool high school transcript. It is a HUGE credit each year.

We know it seems unfair that such a huge number of factors go into a high school Language Arts credit, but that’s the way it is. (Maybe it helps our teens learn about dealing with the unfairness of life with acceptance and grace?)

So don’t fear, Sabrina is here to help you get it sorted out.

Sabrina explains that each year homeschool high schoolers must:


They need Literature and other reading materials that are appropriate for their age and abilities, as well as interests. We want teens to be able to understand and infer, as well as gain some skills in interpretation. Don’t worry. 7Sisters has captured all the *musts* in our Literature Study Guides which are no-busywork and adaptable to different ability and interest levels.


Teens need Composition (fancy word for Writing). Many teens arrive at high school level with minimal writing experience. Even workforce-bound teens need basics. That’s why 7Sisters has user-friendly, no-busywork writing guides, vetted by teens.

Learn Vocabulary:

Hey, there’s vocabulary in 7Sisters’ Literature Guides.

Learn Editing or Grammar:

Editing is part of the Writing Guide process.

Public Speaking:

Many things can count as public speaking. For shy kids, saying the dinner prayer at Thanksgiving might be enough. Most kids will find that they must speak in public at various times in life. Here is 7Sisters’ popular make-it-easy Speech curriculum.

Here’s Sabrina:

Why is language arts such a huge credit? Click here to learn why.

Click here to see what the Washington Post says about why Americans can’t write.

One Year of High School English Language Arts a good fit for 9th grade

Read more about what to include in a high school English course.

Homeschool High School English Credit: Why is it so Huge?

Homeschool High School English Credit: What’s Included?

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