Real-Life Homeschool High School Examples – Favorite “Case Studies” from 7Sisters

Sometimes reading a “case study” about a homeschool facing a challenge similar to yours can be really empowering. Over the years we have created several of these types of posts to help homeschoolers

– be encouraged  (It’s not just you!)

– be equipped      (There are lots of ways to tackle the challenge!)

– be successful     (We’ve seen so many folks find an answer!)

Homeschool High School Examples

 Homeschool High School Examples

There are lots of ways to plot the plan for high school homeschool (this list from our local homeschool diploma program is a helpful reference), but when a chart seems too cold and impersonal, a real-life story can help.

Here are some of Vicki’s best “case study” posts about high school homeschool challenges. All of these posts were inspired by REAL-LIFE encounters with people in our local homeschooling community or in our own families. (The identifying details have been changed to keep us from getting yelled at too much by our kids…)

Do you see your homeschool in one of these scenarios?

Do you have suggestions for ways to overcome the challenge?

Homeschool High Schooler Clueless about the Future

Homeschool High Schooler Hates Reading

Homeschool Case Study: Mom Struggles to Find Right-Fit Curriculum

Here are some posts that illustrate several ways you might combine credits for a customized fit for your student that doesn’t waste his time and frustrate him with busywork, but still covers core subjects and provides rich electives:

Combining Credits: Literature, Geography, History and Writing

Combining Credits: History, Art and Literature

Combining Credits: Literature, History Elective, and Fine Arts

If you need some advice or encouragement for homeschooling a specific subject area, the navigation bar at the top of the page offers Posts by Subject and Posts by Age Group under the Homeschool Blog tab. Just move your mouse pointer over the tab that says Homeschool Blog above!

If you’re just starting out (or know someone who is), you might benefit from our self-paced online course for parents. Homeschool High School: You Can Do It!

Homeschool High School: You CAN Do It!
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Homeschool High School Examples

Homeschool High School Examples



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