Homeschool High School Extracurriculars: Cinematography

Want ideas for a great transcript? Homeschool High School Extracurriculars: Cinematography!

Homeschool High School Extracurriculars: Cinematography

Homeschool High School Extracurriculars: Cinematography

For your amusement on this fine day, 7Sisters is happy to share with you a video made by three of our homeschooled sons in their Cinematography Club. We started the club because the boys wanted to add filmmaking to their transcripts as extracurriculars (and some fine arts credit). They were quickly joined by a dozen new homeschool friends.

Prepare to be convinced as you learn….


Starring (in the order of their appearance):

  • Casey Groop (that’s Marilyn’s son, and my son-in-law)
  • Ezra Tillman (that’s Vicki’s #4 baby)
  • Sam White (that’s my little bundle of joy)
  • (and that lovely girl being mean to Casey is my daughter, Bekah, who will INDEED dance with Casey on their wedding day the end of May!)

For many years, a group of homeschoolers in our area have coordinated a series of ballroom dancing lessons in the winter, culminating in a Cotillion near Valentine’s Day.  The lessons have been a highlight of the year for many of our kids, and one year we needed a few more guys to balance out the girls’ numbers in lessons….and so was born the video you are about to watch.

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Homeschool High School Extracurriculars: Cinematography


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