Homeschool High School Mid-Year Checkup

The academic year is rolling along…time for a homeschool mid-year checkup?

Homeschool High School Mid-Year Checkup

Homeschool High School Mid-Year Checkup

Homeschool high school mid-year checkups come at different times to different families. But they do (or should) come. Here are 10 things to check on:

  • How are the core academics coming along?

    • Just as you had planned?
    • Oh my goodness, we’ll never finish?
    • We’ve been avoiding it because we HATE the curriculum?
    • If your teens HATE the curriculum, it’s time to ditch it! Try something new, detox from the stuffy, overly busy work curriculum. Do something inspirational like 7Sisters’ level-able, no-busywork, fun World Literature!
  • Next: How are the log sheets for elective courses coming along?

    • Need to get out a calendar and do some reconstructing?
    • If so, do it now or it will be a nightmare at the end of the year.
scheduling backwards
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  • Then, how are the extracurriculars coming?

    • Are you documenting all the awesome things your homeschool high schooler is doing? Remember: KEEP YOUR PAPER TRAILS!
  • How are your homeschool high schoolers doing on their service hours?

    • Do they need to bulk up?
  • Ask your teens: How bored are they?

    • Do they need to take a week and do something awesome? Some cool project, research, or field trips?
  • How behind are your teens on their academics or projects?

APA Style Research Paper Writing Guide
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Drama Camp Curriculum
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  • If you find that you were aiming too high or discouraged with the progress, that’s okay.

Take a day or two and get re-organized but DON’T fret or get upset! Mid-year checkups are only there to help you and your homeschool stay in shape! You’ll do great. Want more on handling mid-year adjustments? Check out this Homeschool Highschool Podcast episode on how to do a mid-year reboot.


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Homeschool High School Mid-Year Checkup

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