Homeschool High School: More than Awesome Transcripts

bWhat? Homeschool high school: More than awesome transcripts.

Homeschool High School More Than Just Awesome Transcripts

Homeschool High School: More than Awesome Transcripts

Now, don’t start feeling guilty if you thought that homeschooling high school is just about your teens earning great transcripts!

We just wanted to share a few ideas that you may already be doing and not giving yourself appreciation for. OR maybe it is time to think about reframing homeschool high school so that it is not only a good experience for your teens. It can be a GREAT experience for your teens.

Here are some things that make homeschool high school more than awesome transcripts:

Homeschooling high school and healthy relationships

One of the most wonderful benefits of homeschooling is the time for relationship building. It starts when the kids are younger (for those of us who started homeschooling our kids in elementary school). Relationship building is a powerful part of homeschooling high school, too! High school is about relationships:

  • Between your teens and you
  • Within your family when they are together
  • Between your teens and thier friends
  • (AND between you and your homeschool mom-friends)

Here is a tip: Occasionally review the relationships aspect of your homeschool high school. If you need more time in any of those areas, do some adjustment. There’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school. Therefore, including relationship-building time into the homeschool program for your teens is a useful idea.

Homeschooling high school and preparation for life

People joke about millennials becoming successful in their careers but clueless about basic home economics and home maintenance. Homeschool high school is an awesome place to combat that kind of life-preparation neglect. In fact, when we homeschool our teens we have SO much more time for life skills electives.

Our teens can make sure they are well prepared in academic AND practical aspects of life.

Homeschool high school and Career Exploration

In my work as a Career Coach, I see lots of teens and young college students who were never exposed to a solid career exploration experience.

These young people feel self-doubt, confusion (and change college majors WAY too many times- an expensive habit). Homeschooling high school is the perfect format to do a comprehensive Career Exploration program, including:

  • self-awareness,
  • awareness of God’s plans and workings,
  • shadowing, and
  • apprenticeships.

Take a look at 7Sisters Homeschool Career Exploration textbook to meet that need.

Homeschooling high school and citizenship

Teens are becoming citizens. Homeschooling high school gives you time to prepare them for life as a good citizen:

Homeschooling high school and well-being

Your homeschooling high schoolers might find they have more interest in:

Homeschool high schoolers must concentrate on academics because they need a good transcript, but just as important are the well-rounded life skills that we can give them.

Check out our Preparation for Independence Bundle of Curriculum!

Preparing for Independence high school curriculum bundle
Click image for full description.

Our friend, Misty, at has a marvelous series on homeschooling high school. Take a look at all the empowering posts to help you get the most of homeschooling high school years.


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Homeschool High School: More than Awesome Transcripts

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