Homeschooling Teens with Special Needs

Today on Homeschool High School Podcast: Homeschooling Teens with Special Needs. This post is running concurrently on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

Homeschooling Teens with Special Needs

Homeschooling Teens with Special Needs

Sometimes parents of special need teens worry about homeschooling high school for their teens with special needs. Could they do it? Should they do it?

Here’s good news: When God calls you to homeschool, He’ll equip you.

Patty homeschooled her specially-abled son from age 8 till graduation. She tailored his educational program to his personal needs. Today he has a responsible job, drives, contributes at church, has friends and manages his finances.

She concentrated on:

  • Life skills that are important for independent living at some point in the future
  • Practice of learned academic skills
  • Rehearsal of social skills
  • Learning self-monitoring and self-management

You will feel SO encouraged listening to this interview with Patty as she shares her experiences and resources on The Homeschool Highschool Podcast.

As we know, teens with special needs have callings and skills that need to be developed in high school, just like any other teen. Homeschooling is the perfect way to make sure that education and experiences are exactly what your teen needs to prepare him/her for the next steps in life.

When homeschooling our teens who have different needs and challenges, we need to give ourselves permission to set realistic goals and to tweak a transcript to fit those goals.

  • Some teens with special needs go to college, they need a transcript that shows off their strengths and shows adaptation and support for their weaknesses.
  • Other teens with special needs go into the workforce right out of high school.
    • These teens need time during high school to develop work skills and soft skills that prepare them for the future.
    • Take time for this (even if this means you need extra time in high school- this is not a race!).
  • Some teens will need support long after graduation.
    • Take time to set the goals they need for personal, life and other skills.
    • No guilt trips or comparisons allowed!
    • Homeschooling high school means you are allowed to educate your teens in the best way for them!

While you are listening to this podcast, remember, we have lots of episodes to encourage you in homeschooling high school with your special needs teens.

For instance, you  will also love this interview with our friend, Peggy Ployhar at SPED Homeschool.

She has a wealth of information, encouragement and resources for your homeschool high schoolers with special learning requirements. In this episode she shares information for adapting curriculum and finding resources or your individual homeschool high schooler.

Want more resources and ideas for your homeschool high schoolers with special needs and abilities?

Homeschooling high school with special needs teens is a great choice! You and your teens have time to truly prepare them for the adulthood that God has in mind for them. Then you can relax and enjoy the good moments. You can pace your teen and their energy and drive for the education that best fits them (and your time and energy, too). Be encouraged! You can do this!

Join Vicki this week on The Homeschool Highschool Podcast for an interview with Patty Tillman, successful mom of a homeschool graduate who has special needs.

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Homeschool High School Podcast Episode 24: Homeschooling Teens with Special Needs


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