Homeschool High School Transcripts- the 26 Credits Needed for Graduation

Education gets serious when we face homeschool high school transcripts! Here are the 26 credits needed for graduation:

26 Credits Needed for Graduation

Homeschool High School Transcripts – the 26 Credits Needed for Graduation

In my decades of serving as upperclassmen advisor to our local homeschool high schoolers, I had the opportunity to help hundreds of homeschool high schoolers meet requirements for graduation while building college-attractive transcripts.

Here are some things that have helped our teens find success on their homeschool high school transcripts – the 26 credits needed for graduation (and college attractiveness). Note that each state and each college have varying requirements – it is always good to check department of education and college websites to make sure you’re on track.

Homeschool high school transcripts – the 26 credits needed for graduation

  • 4 credits of English (Language Arts)    

Topics can cover any area of interest such as British Literature, World Literature, Great Christian Writers, American Literature, C.S. Lewis Studies or be a mixture of interest areas.

(Create a powerful transcript when you use 7 Sisters curriculum for no busywork curriculum that is adaptable to various levels- College Prep- Honors.)       


  • 4 credits of Mathematics

Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus (some students will need this for college acceptance, others will not), Financial Literacy/Consumer Math, (other topics may include Statistics)

  • 4 credits of Social Studies

American History, World History (can be a creative course like History and Philosophy of the Western World), Geography .5 credit, American Government .5 credit, Economics .5 credit, Social Science .5 credit (ie Psychology or Human Development) or Elective Social Studies .5 credit

Wondering what we mean by social science? Read more.

4 credits of Science

Biology with 30 hours lab, Chemistry with 30 hours lab, Health (may include Human Development, Nutrition Sciences OR check out our user-friendly Health curriculum, High School Health for the Whole Person), remaining credit will be a lab science such as Anatomy and Physiology, Physics, Marine Biology, etc.

health for the whole person

  • 2 or 3 credits World Language

Must be in the same language

  • 2 credits Phys Ed

Foundations of Physical Fitness can add a unique PE credit.

  • 1 credit Fine Arts

Art, Drama, Dance or Music

  • 1 credit Technology

Includes any computer-related topic such as keyboarding or coding, photo/movie editing, church technology- sound systems

  • 3 credits Career Exploration  

Career Exploration courses include apprenticeships and volunteer work in the homeschooler’s interest areas, specific introductory training courses such as Early Childhood Education, an actual Career Exploration course, OR any of the above required courses that prepare a student for his chosen college major (for example, all the science courses are career exploration for a future biology major)

  • 2-3 Electives Career Exploration Bundle

These are important because they add *sparkle* to the transcript- also intentional character and spiritual development. They can include subjects of personal interest such as Apologetics, Home Ec, Bible, Philosophy, or extra courses in Arts, Science, History, Language or Literature.

26 total credits 

Don’t forget to add sparkle to the transcript! Click here for some ideas.

Relax! Homeschool high school- you CAN do it!

Click here to read about HSLDA’s recommendations for high school credits.

The 26 Credits Needed for Graduation

Homeschool High School Transcripts- the 26 Credits for Graduation



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6 Replies to “Homeschool High School Transcripts- the 26 Credits Needed for Graduation”

  1. HI! Quick question! How does this 26 credit plan work if your student is beginning College courses their 11th grade year? For instance, if she takes Art History (or Appreciation some call it) would we just put that on the transcript as history and it count as H.S. History electives as well as College transcript classes? So, if we choose to do World History thru a college 12th grade year will it also count as World History for H.S. as well. Any tips for that on transcripts?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Julie,

      Good questions. Your teen will count a college course as 1 credit on their transcripts but be sure to note next to the title of the course, the name of the college so it is clear that it was a dual-credit course. If your teen needs a Fine Arts credit, that Art History course could count as that. If your teen needed a History elective instead, the Art History course would count. (It can count for either Fine Arts or History but not both.) The World History at the college would count as one-credit World History on the high school transcript.
      At the same time, these college courses will go on their college transcript, but the college will handle that for you.
      This post can help:

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