3 Ways Homeschool High School Vision Can Save the Transcript

You absolutely MUST have your vision for homeschool high school before you even start planning. Here are 3 reasons why:

Homeschool high school vision

Homeschool High School Vision

1) Vision is the God-given ideas or dreams you have for your teen when he/she graduates.

Can you imagine planning for a vacation with no idea about where you want to end up? Imagine shopping, packing the bags, loading the car, piling the kids in and buckling them up…the saying to your husband, “SO, where are we going?”

I had prayerfully in mind the following homeschool high school vision for my kids: I pray that my teens know God, like me well enough, can self-govern, have social intelligence, search to find gifts and talents God has given them, understand that life is about causes as well as personal desires and needs, and are well educated according to their bent.

If I hadn’t had this homeschool high school vision, I would have short-changed my planning for their coursework and short-changed my kids’ opportunities for a personalized, powerful transcript. They might have had the required credits for graduation, but nothing that gave their transcript sparkle and nothing that made it uniquely THEM.

Human Development

2) Homeschool high school vision enables you to choose the best educational goals for your teen.

For many teens, including mine, this included all the core academics at the right level according to the kid’s abilities and interests. AND it included LOTS of out-of-the-box courses that expanded my high schoolers’ experience set- and sometimes set them on the course for their college major.

3) Homeschool high school vision enables you to create the kind of transcript that has sparkle-appeal to college admissions.Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective

When I attend sessions for guidance counselors at various colleges, the admissions officers often talk about having a transcript that has sparkle or pop! This means that the transcript shows not-just-the-basics coursework plus service and extracurriculars in various interest areas.

Because it was difficult to find out-of-the-box, discovery-type curriculum, we at 7Sisters began to develop our own, according to the vision we had for our teens.

We wanted to help you with your homeschool high school vision so we bundled our most popular specialty curriculum together and offer it to you at a 10% savings, Power-up the Homeschool Transcript.

It is important to remember that we can have vision, but God is in charge of the outcome. However, without vision a transcript flounders.

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Homeschool High School Vision

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