5 Reasons Your Homeschool High Schoolers Need Poetry Writing

They REALLY do! Your homeschool high schoolers need Poetry Writing! Here are 5 reasons your homeschool high schoolers need poetry writing!

5 Reasons Your Homeschool High Schoolers Need Poetry Writing

Homeschool High Schoolers Need Poetry Writing

It is true, I am a die-hard fan of poetry. I have raised my kids on enough poetry reading and writing that they agree: teens need Poetry Writing!

We have all kind of poetry guides to help you! From topical like British or American poetry to Introductory through Advanced Guides! 

As you know, poetry is a part of the writing component for high school English/Language Arts credits. Language Arts credits include reading/literature, writing, vocabulary, grammar and often public speaking. While there’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school, we have found that the writing component best includes:

Sometimes homeschooling families feel tempted to drop the creative writing (short stories and poetry) components of their high schoolers’ ELA program. There are so many pressures on teens’ time! Why spend it doing creative, as opposed to “serious” stuff?!

Please believe me when I tell you that the creative writing assignments and study are not a waste of time. In fact, poetry can be a powerful tool for growth and academic skill!

Here are 5 important reasons why teens need poetry writing:

There are more reasons than these, but this is a start!

1) Teens who write poetry can use words more effectively in college writing.

  • Poetry teaches tight, concise wording that catches the ear and sparks the imagination.
    • This kind of writing skill can be applied to writing excellent college papers. Several college professors have told me that grading college papers can be an agonizingly boring process. When they finally receive a paper that is well written- with good word usage as well as proper form, it is a joy. (And papers that give professors joy can earn a better grade, btw!)

2) Teens who write poetry expand their imaginations.

  • And as we know, Albert Einstein said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.
  • Poetry is not simply a word dump or informational like a research paper. It can be opinion, like an essay, but it cannot simply be opinion. There needs to be inspiration, imagination or creativity to it. As teens learn to use their imaginations poetically, they also strengthen their abilities to imagine all kinds of possibilities for themselves.

3) Teens who write poetry learn to think creatively.

  • Creativity is the root of good problem solving: a necessary life skill. Creativity is at the root of resilience. The more creative experiences a teen has, the more they can learn to use creativity to improve their lives (or the lives of others).

4) Teens who write poetry learn to lighten up.

5) Teens who write poetry can have fun!

Admittedly, many poetry-writing curriculums take themselves so seriously that there can’t be any fun. That is one reason we 7Sisters created the poetry-writing eworkbooks. We wanted our homeschool high schoolers to discover that they love reading and writing poetry! They need to know they can write poetry!

We start our teens with VERY simple, light-hearted poetry exercises, broken down into short, daily chunks. No busywork. No intimidation. Mostly fun!

Introductory Guide to Poetry Writing
Click image for full description.

With a gentle, fun start, teens learn that they do NOT need to be Shakespeare! They can relax and enjoy having fun with words. (That is, if they have a curriculum that doesn’t isn’t too serious or self-important. I *ahem* suggest 7 Sisters’ delightful Introduction to Poetry Writing, Intermediate Poetry Writing, and Advanced Poetry Writing for no busywork, encouraging, you-can-do-it poetry writing curriculum.)

 7 Sisters Poetry Writing Curriculum is fun for individual homeschool high schoolers, co-ops, or group classes!

Download a copy today and find out why our teens believe that homeschool high schoolers need Poetry Writing! Also, for teens who get excited and want a full year/full credit of poetry, here’s a syllabus for a poetry credit to walk them through the process.

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Homeschool High Schoolers Need Poetry Writing

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