Preparing for Military Careers

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 102: Preparing for Military Careers, Interview with Gretchen Mahoney. This post is running concurrently on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 102: Preparing for Military Careers

Preparing for Military Careers Interview with Gretchen Mahoney

Some homeschool highschoolers would like to join the military after graduation. What do teens need to accomplish if they want to serve our country in the Armed Forces?

Join Vicki and her homeschool mom-friend and colleague, Gretchen Mahoney. Gretchen’s 2 sons both joined the Air Force after graduation.

Preparing for Military Careers
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Her oldest son enlisted and served in the Air Force.

It was his goal was to fly as a career, although he wasn’t interesting in the military. However, when he discovered that when the rubber met the road he really did want to follow in his grandfather’s military footsteps. In order to join after high school, Thomas  learned he needed to:

  • Finish well in high school, with good academics and extracurriculars
  • Visit the recruiter
  • Take the ASVAB test to find your best fit career (although the military will choose a career from what they need)
  • Work out, get physically fit
  • Join Civil Air Patrol
  • The recruiter will work with you through graduation, checking on your fitness
  • Graduate
  • The recruiter will let you know when it is time to head to testing and other preparations
  • Then will be the swearing in!

Her other son graduated from the Air Force Academy.

  • Find leadership opportunities
  • Work on service opportunities
  • Network, develop
  • Be up on current events
  • Show initiative, start things/events
  • Have a well-rounded involvement in extracurriculars
  • Take high-level courses and learn the skills for academic success
  • Create a clear, top-notch transcript
  • Join Civil Air Patrol
  • Seek a nomination from a US Representative and/or US Senator (meet with them)
  • Prepare to work hard through the Academy!

If you become a military mom, Gretchen shares some feelings you might experience:

  • The pit in your stomach every time they leave
  • Yo will need to pray at lot
  • Christmas over Skype
  • The sense of pride when hearing the national anthem or the American flag
  • Keeping your phone handy all the time
  • Knowing their education was free
  • Joining the military moms Facebook groups

For more thoughts on what military recruiters are looking for in homeschool high schoolers and also tips for being a military homeschool family, check out these interviews with our friends Nathan and Anita from the Homeschool Project Podcast.

Also, for some advice for mom of homeschoolers headed for the military, check out this post from our Cousin Ticia Messing.

BTW- Gretchen is author of 7Sisters Homeschool popular Introduction to Psychology Lesson Plans!

introduction to psychology lesson plans

Join Vicki and Gretchen for a discussion about becoming a military family! In the meantime enjoy these related posts!

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Preparing for Military Careers, Interview with Gretchen Mahoney

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