Finding Success in College, Interview with Kendall Smythe

Homeschool HighSchool Podcast Ep 139: Finding Success in College, Interview with Kendall Smythe. This post is running concurrently on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

Homeschool HighSchool Podcast Ep 139: Finding Success in College, Interview with Kendall Smythe. Homeschool high school graduate do great with these tips!

Homeschool HighSchool Podcast Ep 139: Finding Success in College, Interview with Kendall Smythe

Got a homeschool high schooler headed to college? You’ll love this interview with Kendall Smythe, homeschool graduate and in her senior year at University of Delaware!

Kendall is a Psychology major with second major in Health and Wellness, as well as captain of the UD club women’s ice hockey team. She’s in the midst of applying to graduate school Sports Psychology programs, as well as her studies and sports.

She invested in her homeschool high school success (and terrific transcript) by exploring her interests. She loved sports so started in high school hockey when she and her twin, Carlie, realized that hockey was one of the few sports they hadn’t tried. When they tried it, they found they had found their sports-favorite! Both have played through college on the UD women’s team.

Kendall joined Sabrina and her mom, Kym, for a candid interview. Here are her thoughts about the ups and downs of homeschooling high school as well as tips for success in college.

What she wished was better in her homeschool high school:

  • Would have liked to have better SAT prep and test-taking skills prep

In homeschool high school, she loved:

  • Group classes with syllabi which helped her prepare for college schedules and independent study
  • Time management skills (with her busy schedule in high school, she had to learn good time management)
  • Self-discipline (Her mom is ADHD and had a hard time staying on top of things as well as older sister being sick, so she found she could manage herself well.)
  • Accountability of the local homeschool umbrella school classes, teachers and advisors
  • Opportunities for leadership skills-development and extracurriculars at her local homeschool umbrella schools
  • Strong transcript despite her SAT (she’s a poor test-taker, so she entered through their SEED scholarship program)

For college success, Kendall suggests:

She doesn’t usually tell people she homeschooled high school because it doesn’t come up

  • Find a scholarship program if you can
  • Join organizations on campus
  • Seek the opportunities you want yourself, be assertive
    • No one is going to do the work of college success for you, you get to do it yourself
  • Ask in your department for experiences (volunteer in research lab or other opportunities)
  • Network, network, network!!
  • Manage your time well

Listen in to this delightful interview with Kendall Smythe, her mom (Kym) and Sabrina and get even more tips! You’ll also love these helpful posts.

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Homeschool HighSchool Podcast Ep 139: Finding Success in College, Interview with Kendall Smythe

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