Homeschooling in UK and US

This week on  Homeschooling in UK and US. (This post is running concurrently on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.)

Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 65: Homeschooling in the US and the UK, Interview with Kat Patrick

Homeschooling in UK and US

We’re SO excited for this episode! We’re talking to our friend, Kat Patrick today!

Kat has lived for twenty-five years in England (United Kingdom) and homeschooled her kids there. Her family’s recent move to Texas is quite a change for them!

She is chatting with us about the differences in homeschooling between the UK and the US

Things are quite different there but homeschooling is popular. You do not want to miss this fun geography lesson!

Kat is a fascinating person. She earned her PhD in English from the University of Delaware. This is so much fun, because several of the 7Sisters’ homeschool graduates attended that very university. Also, Vicki (who also works as a licensed professional counselor) has an office near that campus.

Kat moved to England and has enjoyed her twenty-five years there. However, homeschooling was not common then so she worked hard to find mentors and role models.

Dreaming Spires Home Learning

When her teens began homeschooling high school, Kat found that she needed to develop her own English course for her homeschool high schoolers because she could not find a best-fit course for them. That course soon became an internet program with students all over the world. You can check her program out at Dreaming Spires Home Learning.

She and her teachers at Dreaming Spires Home Learning specialize in Charlotte Mason-style learning with college-prep courses.

Homeschooling in UK and US
Dr. Kat Patrick adventuring in the US. Used with permission.

Kat blogs at She is a contributor to Learning Tangent homeschool magazine.

Here’s a wonderful article about Kat’s family and their homeschool that was done by a major newspaper in UK (the SAT that article refers to is more of an achievement test, not a college admissions test).

We love having Kat on the podcast. Here are some other topics she has shared with us:

Also, her daughter, Dr. Lauren Patrick, shared how she prepared in her homeschooling to prepare for a competitive college.

PLUS! Download this freebie gift from Kat Patrick: Shakespeare Copywork (you Charlotte Mason fans will understand, for those who are not used to copywork- download it and give it a try).

Want to learn about homeschooling in other countries? Check out this delightful interview with our Cousin Teresa Wiedrick about homeschooling in Canada.

Join Vicki and Kat for a delightful chat about the differences in homeschooling in England and America!


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Homeschool Highschool Podcast Ep 65: Homeschooling in UK and US

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  1. I didn’t think there were that many differences either! Everything seems pretty standardized in the US and probably more families homeschool than in the UK.

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